Tangled (2010)

First of all, I’m going to openly state that even though this is a Disney film and I’m above the age of 18, I still love this film, probably one of my favourite films ever. It’s just a happy, cheesy, feel-good film and who doesn’t like that? Well probably many people… For starters, if you don’t like random bursts of singing or animation, this is not the film for you. However, if you enjoy a simple love story mixed with a rebellion from an obeying daughter and an accidental bump into a troubled orphan, then why not watch this film?

In relation to the trailer previously, the film explores many more aspects that are not portrayed in the trailer, unlike some films where the best chosen sections are shown which leads for the film to be bit of a let-down. ‘Tangled’ official trailer instead contains interactions between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider that are not actually in the film itself. This could be a good or bad thing, as after watching the trailer you shouldn’t expect or wait for certain things to happen in the film, however, some funny things in the trailer to look forward to may not occur in the film; for example, Flynn Rider being chucked off the tower in a chair wrapped in hair, because to my knowledge, I don’t recall this happening in the film. Although, the film is still kept quite secretive, so after watching the trailer you wouldn’t be let-down by the film, in fact probably quite shocked. I thought the trailer didn’t express much about the film at all, not the plot line significantly anyway, more focussed on the Rapunzel-Flynn relationship. I also found that the trailer doesn’t actually express the Disney film to be a musical, which it 100% is as a lot of the film characters break into song. So as you say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, definitely don’t judge this film by its trailer.


‘Tangled’ is a child-approved version of the short story ‘Rapunzel’ by the Grimm Brothers, but as it is a Disney film it is a moralistic film for children to learn a lesson; like other films from Walt Disney Studios. The idea that people should chase their dreams is threaded throughout the film quite prominently, as even all the thugs in the Ugly Duckling “had a dream once”. Also, one of the main protagonists, Flynn Rider gives a sense to children that bad mistakes can be overturned and good can happen again, with the obvious use of love in a Disney film as usual.

One of the main elements that I enjoy in this film would be that it is clearly a musical. A good thing is that there are a variety of songs, especially that Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel) have such varied voices, so the song changes to what suits them and the characters. Also it helps that all the singers have good voices, and the songs are upbeat to enjoy, especially for a child to not get bored. Even those who don’t enjoy musicals could still appreciate that the songs are suitably applied and brilliantly sung.

‘Tangled’ expresses a variety of protagonists to love. The “frog”, no chameleon, is a silent comic character, one with little influence, yet still adds to the humour of the film; although, this is probably more of a character a child would enjoy. Rapunzel and PascalAs it’s a child’s film there are no twists in the plot, so the evil Mother Gothel is shown as the “bad guy” from the beginning, letting the audience, mostly children, understand that they are not to be trusted; so if you’re looking for a film that will shock you and make you think what will happen next, this is not one to choose, or any other Disney film at that matter. Other protagonists include Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, the two most important in my opinion. Not unlike previous Disney Classic’s, it has that “once upon a time”; however, differently, instead of Prince Charming it is the rugged thief who is the one to capture hearts. Humorous Flynn Rider with his hidden identity of Eugene Fitzherbert and his want for “super strength”, gives a comedy for everyone to enjoy. It’s Zachary Levi’s character (Flynn Rider) that makes this film not only for children, even with the simple quotes of “a fake reputation is all a man has”, which is something adults can also relate to. Rapunzel is a great character, lost in her own thoughts and struggling with things that are relatable to other teenagers, such as mood swings and a little bit of rebellion. As like in the film, everyone loves Rapunzel.

There are definite technological advances from the earlier Classic Disney films, but as ‘Tangled’ is Disney’s 50th Classic, this would be expected. The lighting in the film is significant as it controls the mood for the audience, for example, things are duller when something bad is about to happen. This is classic in films for a younger audience, so they subconsciously know how they should feel, but overall, the graphics are really good.

Disney's Tangled

So, I conclude that ‘Tangled’ is a pretty good film, if you enjoy these major factors then I’d say you would enjoy the film as well. However, keep in mind that it is a film mostly aimed at children, but nevertheless I still love it and enjoy the humour and happy endings of Disney films, and you are never too old for a Disney film anyway. Right?


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