Avengers Assemble (2012)

One of my favourite Marvel films has got to be ‘Avengers Assembles’. It brings in all the Avengers from previous Marvel films and puts all the action into one film.

One of the great aspects is that each Avenger has their own quirky personality, different from the others. So I’m sure there must be one character, for each person, to like. If it be the nervous Dr Banner (Mark Ruffalo) scared of becoming the uncontrollable Hulk, or the undeniably self-absorbed genius Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), or the “world’s first superhero” Captain America (Chris Evans) confused in the new life, or even the out of this world God Thor (Chris Hemsworth), or maybe a secretive skilled Russian spy Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), or lastly a taken over Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) captured by the evil Loki. Avengers Assembles

This film is very action-based; as there is action from the beginning, so you have no boring start waiting for the story to get interesting, the action begins immediately after the flicker of the ‘Marvel’ logo and even before the films own title. If you like a film that won’t leave you bored, this is one to choose, as something is always happening. Although, if you like films that are completely relatable, keep in mind this is a superhero film, special abilities and all, so relatable is not what you’re looking for in this film. Even though, this film is most predominantly action, there are elements of comedy to make the film lighter and not so serious all the time. All characters have small comments what will make you laugh; Robert Downey Jr’s (Iron Man) character does this very well, with his witty, opinionated comments. However, it’s definitely not a comedy film, where you’ll be in stitches from laughing too much at the end of the film, so if you’re looking for a good cheer up and laugh, not this film, even if there is the occasional chuckle.

There isn’t much secretive twists in this plot, not one that’s confusing to follow, so an easy watch. You are told the insights of the goodies and baddies. So ‘Avengers Assemble’ could be appropriate for younger audiences in this sense only, as you’ll always be kept in mind who should be trusted; for example when Hawkeye is under control by Loki, there’s a focus into his non-human bright eyes, to show that he shouldn’t be trusted even if he is in previous films. However, violence and many deaths occur, so may not be appropriate for younger ages, although deaths aren’t graphic or gruesome, more chaotic.

The Avengers

The way in which the camera is positioned in this film adds to the excitement and action of the film. There’s a variety of camera usage, for example zooms and canting, also a mix of long and medium shots. This variation coincides with the action of the movie, throwing the audience around to make the film more gripping. Other technological aspects are also cleverly done and made as realistic as possible, so you don’t get a feeling of the movie being fake, even though the aliens are not real. The mise en scène is also something that should be commented on. It’s important for each Avenger to have their own costumes to make them distinctive and outstanding, the costumes are great and everything else in play just adds to the film. The cinematography is definitely great in this film and should be appreciated as it is so key to making a superhero excellent and interesting. Additionally, helps that all the actors and actresses are excellent and portray the protagonists to expectations.

There are some aspects to the film that link to previous Marvel films, for example each Avenger’s own film. So if you haven’t watched them all, some small comments might not make as much sense as they would if you had seen them; although it doesn’t make a massive difference and doesn’t consequence to the film overall. This film has a simple plot, a small comic side and is action-packed. If that’s a film you’d enjoy, then the superhero film you should watch should be this one, ‘Avengers Assemble’.


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