Lie To Me (2009-2011)

‘Lie To Me’ is a crime show based on a scientific group that works with faces to determine whether someone is lying, telling the truth, or hiding a secret. If you like shows such as ‘CSI’ or ‘Criminal Minds’, you would like this as well. The Lightman group works with the FBI and local Police to help them uncover the truth in the crime. Each episode has a new crime for them to solve, however there is still an over lining plot arc throughout each series.


If this is the sort of programme that you would like, I would high recommend it, as each episode is so different, yet all interesting and gripping; episode investigations vary from fires to during a war to murders and many more. It’s definitely a programme I believe to have finished too early, I’m just forever hoping maybe they’ll bring out some new episodes, but highly doubt it as it is from 2009 to 2011. Also, if you own Netflix, all three series are on there for you to view; it’s easy as each episode just plays after that small 15 second break, but trust me you wouldn’t want much of a break anyway. To tell the truth, I have re-watched ‘Lie To Me’ and would happily watch it again; certainly an easy re-watch because episodes are not boring and differ so much.


As this is a crime show, it is mostly based upon each case, or more than one, in an episode. But there is also emphasis on relationships in the Lightman Group between the main four characters, Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams), Eli Loker (Brendan Hines) and Ria Torres (Monica Raymund). Tim Roth plays a very disconnected character who’s very secretive; this means that you want to watch more episodes to uncover more about his life as there are early references, especially between him and Gillian, that are not understood unless all episodes are seen. This is very clever of the directors and producers as it keeps forcing you to want to watch more and more episodes and before you know it you’ve watched all three series and think you can tell the differences between truths and lies in real life. Yes, it’s that believable, but trust me, it is pure fiction as it states in every episode through the title.


Cal Lightman has got to be one of my favourite characters in ‘Lie To Me’. This is mostly because he makes it funny with his witty comments; yet he’s so secretive you want to know what he’s thinking and how he’s going to uncover each crime; this secretive aspect is fluent in each episode as the truth is only ever uncovered at the end, mostly surprising truths as well, always making you feel uncertain whether something is a lie or not. I find the Cal-Gillian relationship just something I want to know more of, again something tying you to the programme. ‘Lie To Me’ isn’t heavy crime non-stop, as stated before with witty comments from Cal Lightman; additionally, there are also some other comical characters. For instance, Loker is very open and truthful, he believes that he must speak everything on his mind, no matter how inappropriate, which is something to make the programme a little lighter. However, don’t think that it’s a comedy, definitely is more crime and mystery and the uncovering of particular truths.


Something to keep in mind is that some episodes are quite stressful and intense; graphics are excellent so they also seem realistic. So I would say, that it’s not appropriate for people under the age of 12, especially because there are also sex references and some violent scenes. Understandable as it is predominantly a crime programme.

So if you are looking for a new crime show to watch, I would definitely recommend this. It’s that good that I find it difficult to find things that are bad with it. So go ahead and watch ‘Lie To Me’. I’m telling the truth…


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