Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ is a brilliant kids’ films based on monsters living in Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) hotel, however after the first film, humans are also brought together by Johnny (Andy Samberg), Dracula’s daughter, Mavis’ (Selena Gomez) “zing”, in other words, one true love. The first film reflected the misunderstanding between humans and monsters, so the second film leads on from that.

The film throws you straight into this fantasy atmosphere from the first scene, the “slacker” and the vampire wedding; a mixture of humans and monsters. In this film, the clash between monster and human worlds become broader, especially as Johnny and Mavis have a child and Dracula yearns for his new grandson, Dennis, to be vampire, rather than human. This is repeated throughout the film where Dracula struggles as Dennis becomes more human and he feels he’s lost his own heritage. This plot is very good and easy to understand, but also has a deeper meaning. As you are more invested into the monsters’ lives rather than the humans, you find yourself wanting Dracula to get what he wants; although as the film proceeds, more becomes clear and you start to believe that the child will never be like his “cool” vampire grandfather.

Film Review Hotel Transylvania 2

The film combines monsters vs humans in a comical way, with silly yet humorous jokes. It also adds in known pop music and has random break dancing moments. Sounds random, but all together it is funny and a feel-good film to watch. The technology of humans is thrown into a monster world where Dracula is confused and lost and we see him struggle with things we are familiar everyday, this adds to the comedy. The film isn’t long, under an hour and a half, not surprisingly as it is a children’s film, but this also means there are no boring scenes. Dracula is definitely my favourite character, a traditional vampire raised to believe humans are the worst species, yet adapts in ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and becomes understanding to humans. This is sort of repeated in the second film that even though he accepts Mavis’ husband, who is a human, he still wants the traditional vampire idea to run through his family through Dennis, but obviously still loves him as his own. Dracula jumps from kind and human-like to trying to prove his vampire instincts, which also adds a comedy to the film.

Children watching this film, experience a range of monsters to find comical. From Frankenstein (Kevin James) to the invisible man (David Spade). They’re aren’t scary even if they try to be, just jolly and amusing for the audience to enjoy. Also there are some well known voices to be recognised, that are all brilliant. Besides, three out of the characters from the main cast of ‘Grown Ups’!


As this film is predominantly for children, there is a moral to the story. The moral is that you should be who you are, even if you’re different you will always be accepted and loved by your family. Cheesy as it sounds, it’s a true moral for children to understand.

I would say that if you haven’t seen the first film, this film might be confusing in some senses, just some small jokes or comments in the film, for example what happened to Dracula’s wife; although it’s not important to watch the first ‘Hotel Transylvania’, the second is understandable enough. However, I would recommend that you do watch the first film anyway as it does make the second better. Personally, I do prefer the first film over the second, although ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ is close to its first and it is definitely not a let-down.

Overall, it is a good children’s movie, most predominantly for children, younger ages would enjoy this film the most. I wouldn’t recommend for older ages. Although, I still did like it and would recommend it if you have younger siblings to watch with them as I did, good film to have a chuckle and enjoy the combination of monsters and humans. The film makes monsters loveable for children.

Besides, the majority of Adam Sandler films are great, (come on – films like, ‘Pixels’, ‘Big Daddy’ and ’50 First Dates’!), just because this is an animation doesn’t make that fact any different.

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