Se7en (1995)

‘Seven’ is a psychological thriller, a crime mystery; based on a reluctant and desperate to retire Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman), who finds himself on a homicide case unlike many others. By his side is determined, young Detective Mills (Brad Pitt).

First thing to mention is that this 1995 film is an 18, so therefore is inappropriate for younger ages. There are many different reasons for this, first it is a psychological thriller. Second, there is the use of inappropriate language, a lot of swearing. Thirdly, there is the use of guns and a lot of graphic dead bodies. So keep in mind that the age limit is there for a reason so only people above the age of 18 would be able to watch this film, for understandable reasons.


The plot is a very intriguing one. It is based around a bunch of murders that are all connected to the seven deadly sins. ‘Seven’ is a tense film, full of suspense. It is a good watch, a film that will get you thinking and wonder the reasons behind the killer and his psychological matter. Murder after murder and it just seems that the killer is laughing at the detectives. You feel unsure to whether they would figure out who the killer is before he completes his task by using all the seven deadly sins to kill all of his seven victims. You find yourself watching the film very intently, thinking something isn’t quite right, this uneasy feeling continues throughout the film, especially even after the film has finished. It is a film that requires the audience’s full attention; so if you expect to watch an easy film, this is not the one.

Some scenes are a bit slow, but it just adds to the suspense and confusion of what is happening or what is going to happen in the film. It makes you feel unsure to what you’re actually supposed to be paying attention to. There isn’t a lot of time in the film where you feel comfortable or that things are going to go well. So in this sense it is a brilliant thriller. Definitely not a film that is a feel-good film, instead the opposite, to make you think and feel tense.


The actors are brilliant in ‘Seven’. I can’t say there are any faults in the acting of the film, how can there be when it is the excellent Morgan Freeman and the great Brad Pitt? Morgan Freeman plays this pessimistic detective, one that doesn’t see much good in the world and believes nothing will ever change. Whereas, Brad Pitt plays the opposite character, a detective who wants to make a difference in the world, puts his emotions forward, even if in a lashing out way. In Somerset’s (Morgan Freeman) eyes he believes Mills (Brad Pitt) is naïve about the world. These two range in characters are not only brilliantly played, but portray opposite characters in the film, two to try and understand, but as they rarely agree, it shows both of these protagonists are complex, especially for the audience to get their head around.

Overall, I believe that this film is a brilliant crime mystery, even if some scenes are slightly slow and a bit boring, the ending of the film and the film altogether makes it a good film to watch and think about even after the film has ended. Definitely not one to forget in a hurry.


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