Grease (1978)

One of the most famous musicals going, ‘Grease’, and I have to say one of the best as well. If you love a musical, you have to love this one. But if you’re not a big fan of musicals, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this, there are a lot of moments when they suddenly break out into song. This film is also a comedy and a romantic film; but predominantly a musical.

It’s hard to rate this film if it is appropriate for younger ages. I watched it when I was younger, and I’m not sure if I was just naïve but I thought it was suitable; but as I got older, I realised it wasn’t. It’s like watching two different films when you’re a child and when you’re an adult. As a child I watched the film innocently, just loving the music and romance of the film. But as I grew up I saw a completely different film; one that is very rude. It is clever how they can do that, but I still found it very shocking that I watched it as a child after watching it when I was older. It is predominantly adult humour, so children probably don’t understand the humour part to it; I surely didn’t anyway. But then again, it’s still an enjoyable film, especially because of the music.

‘Grease’ begins with a summer romance between Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta). But when Sandy ends up staying in America, instead of heading back home to Australia, things become more complicated as they end up at the same school, Rydell High. Sandy is a hopeless romantic, innocent girl, unafraid of showing her feelings, especially the ones for Danny. Whereas, Danny is the leader of the ‘T-Birds’, the leather jacket group, the ones that don’t show nice affections to women. T-BirdsDanny acts as a different person to how he is with Sandy and how he is around his ‘gang’, this makes the audience unsure who the real Danny is; but as we watch the film, he learns what is more important and where he wants to be in life. ‘Grease’ definitely makes you attached to the characters, this is significantly done through the music, where they sing their true feelings.

The film follows Danny and Sandy as they struggle in their relationship, especially as each group clash with each other and they end up seeing more of each other; Danny hides his emotions, Sandy becomes more upset. However, the audience also becomes more acquainted with the ‘Pink Ladies’ and the ‘T-Birds’. Including Danny and Sandy, we go into detail of other characters such as, the disobedient Rizzo (Stockard Channing), the Beauty School Dropout Frenchy (Didi Conn) and the irresponsible Kenickie (Jeff Conaway). Pink Ladies

The music in ‘Grease’ is pop music. There’s a mix from joyful to slower music; all the songs represent the moods of the characters, like a musical should. I really like the songs, I think they’re great, from ‘Summer Nights’ to ‘Greased Lightning’ to ‘You’re the One that I Want’. It also helps that all the actors and actresses who have solos can sing, so there’s no cringey, avoiding to listen moments in the film. Also, don’t need to mention, but of course, it’s brilliantly acted, especially the great actor John Travolta, but all the others as well.

Another thing to keep in mind, this isn’t a modern film, it was released in 1978, so things are a bit old school. But that just makes it one of those classic films everyone has to watch, it still is a great movie that has to be one of my favourites. So I would definitely recommend this brilliant classic musical that will get you singing and laughing along. Because of course anyway, “Grease is the word”, right?


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