Think Like a Man (2012)

‘Think Like a Man’ is a film based around six men, all mates, yet all very different. When an ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’ book is released and all the women flock to buy it, the men feel threatened and vulnerable as all their secrets are revealed, but they don’t know it is because of the book. But they realise the game seems different in the relationship world. It affects four of the men in this group and their relationships with women. To begin with, the two it doesn’t affect is the happily married guy, Bennett (Gary Owen), and the divorcee, Cedric (Kevin Hart), who pretends he’s happy he is no longer with his wife, but she’s all he talks about.

Think Like A Man

The guys it does affect is who the story is based around. Firstly, there’s the “Player” of the group, Zeke (Romany Malco), the one-night stand kind of guy. He ends up chasing a girl who has adapted the 90 day probation rule of no sex from the book, this is Mya (Meagan Good). This throws Zeke into a complete different world, and he comes more annoyed that he doesn’t get what he wants. Then there’s the 9 year long relationship between Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) and Kristen (Gabrielle Union). Jeremy is more the non-committer, who is happy where he is in life; whereas, Kristen wants more from him, she wants marriage to be an option, so she decides to adopt ideas from the book in order to try and change her boyfriend’s perceptions in life. Kristen and Jeremy

Thirdly, probably my favourite of all of the guys, the “Dreamer” Dominic (Michael Ealy), who aspires to want more out of life but hasn’t quite got there yet. Dominic falls for the woman who wants a man with money and a fancy car, this being Lauren (Taraji P. Henson). It’s the woman here that seems to be the one who is less interested in the relationship as even though she likes Dominic’s personality, she finds herself not wanting to be with him as he doesn’t earn more money than she does. Finally, there’s the “mama’s boy” Michael (Terrence Jenkins), who becomes involved with single mother Candace (Regina Hall). This relationship is more complicated as her six year old son is involved, but she just wants to be put first before his mother, but he finds it difficult to do so. All characters are different, yet great in their own way. Candace and Michaek

There’s a narrator in ‘Think Like a Man’, talking to the audience. This is Kevin Hart’s character. This is cleverly done, because it gives his character more say in the movie, but also because he isn’t involved with the outcomes of the book, he talks to the audience from the outside, looking into the relationships of Zeke, Jeremy, Michael and Dominic. The narrator is important to the film as it joins all the relationships together, for example when he explains one relationship going wrong due to the new release of this book, Cedric pulls together how it happens to the others as well.

There is swearing and references to sex in the film, so probably not appropriate for younger ages. Additionally, they probably wouldn’t understand the references to the jokes or the plot line much anyway; it is not a complicated plot line, not at all, it’s just because it’s following adult life. The film is probably most suitable for teens. It is rated a 12, so isn’t too inappropriate as other romcoms.

I think it is a brilliant romcom, it has a classic cute ending, also is funny and just has a feel-good mood to it. Overall, I enjoyed the film and loved the ending a lot, the plot is really good and the characters are loveable. So I would recommend the film. To get insight on the man’s brain watch ‘Think Like a Man’, however, I’m not sure how relatable it really is.


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