The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

I’m guessing everyone must have heard of the Angry Birds game, flinging birds that have their own unique style at green pigs. This film is an excellent representation of the game, so even though it is a children’s film, there are clever similarities between film and game that other ages above children may enjoy. I am one of the first people to admit that just because a film is a children’s film, doesn’t mean that it is only for children, and this is no other exception.

Firstly, compared to the trailer it is quite an honest film. The trailer clearly shows the outsider Red, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, trying to fit in with society but his anger issues takes it to a new level. Significantly, the trailer also shows the main plot where the evil green pigs steal all the birds’ eggs. Additionally, it shows where the film will go and the ending might be considered predictable, but hey, it is a children’s film. It shows that the film is a comedy, so people that have seen the trailer go into the film knowing what they are getting. But the great thing about the trailer is that it doesn’t show everything, there are still some elements in the film that you didn’t expect and there are still some comical moments that haven’t been seen before. I think the trailer is well done and intriguing enough to want to watch and it surely made me want to.Angry Birds

Basically ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ the plot is quite a simple one as it is a kid’s film, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad one, far from it. Notably, very different to other kids films as it tells a different story, one where sometimes a “hero has to get a little angry”, one perhaps Disney or other well-known children’s films probably wouldn’t advertise. But it’s cleverly done in a comical way, and also that the angry main character still learns that he can’t always be angry, of course. When the green pigs dominate the angry birds land, all the birds welcome them with open arms, except one, Red, but no one will listen to him. Of course, then later on in the film Red is proven right as the green pigs steal all the birds’ eggs. Personally, I thought it was quite evil of the pigs, the fact that they were stealing the birds’ children to eat, but then again, maybe it just gives a sense of urgency and understanding to why Red is angry. Or it’s just the circle of life and I’m reading way too much into that small section…Leonard Anyway, at the beginning of the film, which is quite hidden from the trailers, shows Red being cast out of his society and demanded to an anger management class by Judge Peckinpah (Keegan-Michael Key). This is where he meets speedy Chuck (Josh Gad – voice might be similar to some people as he’s in films like ‘Pixels’ or most popular as voicing Olaf in ‘Frozen’), one of my favourite characters Bomb (Danny McBride) who explodes when nervous, surprised, stressed, just anything really… But not able to on demand. Also meet Terence (Sean Penn), the large bird who says nothing but growls in an intimidating manner; and finally the anger management teacher, Matilda (Maya Rudolph – possibly recognisable as from films such as ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Grown Ups’), who the audience recognises must ironically have anger issues herself. All the characters are extremely different, yet loveable for children in their own ways and all have their comical moments.

Poor Red, the orphan bird with different eyebrows to all the others. Picked on for the way he looks, so he turns out to be an angry bird. The story is brought into his angry life, his past shown to the audience through flashbacks throughout the beginning of the film. The main character is loved by the audience; the way in which flashbacks are used to create reasons behind his actions and create sympathy is very clever. Also the flashbacks are used to show the cuteness scale of little Red as he was adorable, which is what many children would love, I can only guess. But as the Red is cleverly created in this movie, the film becomes more likable with a character that the audience are willing to support.Red

I actually loved this film, a great children’s film definitely, and I thought it was quite comical. There was some moments of light adult humour that would pass over children and I mean like one thing, but most of it was children based, obvious humour, that even though I’m not a child, still enjoyed. This film is also very clever in how it uses links to modern social media or links to society as we know it now. But cleverly changes them to make it more relatable to the angry bird world, for example “Instaham” for the green pigs. Something just as small as that made a difference to how I saw the film as it made it more relatable to a nowadays audience but also adds to the comedy of the film. This is also similar with the music. There is a mixture of ages and genres of the music, some popular that many will know, but also some new music, but all is fun which blends in with the film; especially as many characters in the film start dancing or singing along, which also adds to the comical aspect, especially with some of the strange dance moves of the green pigs which were brilliant. As this is a new film, out this year (2016), the graphics are amazing, down to the delicate feathers on the birds, all the detail was perfect; not any annoying graphics issues at all, which is definitely key for an animation.

Overall, you can probably tell that I would recommend this film. Most primarily for children but then again, I’m not a child and I enjoyed it. Although I wouldn’t recommend for adults to go flocking to see it, it’s obviously not everyone’s humour. But why not watch the film if you enjoy the game?


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