Central Intelligence (2016)

‘Central Intelligence’, a film with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Two very well-known actors; like in the trailer and advertised, it’s a “Little Hart” and a “Big Johnson”. These two actors are brilliant and they bond well in the film and they just work well together overall. But the main thing is that these two are clearly chosen and important for their roles in this film. ‘Central Intelligence’ is clever in how they use the actors to add to the comedy of the film. Especially their heights, being such a drastic difference, Dwayne Johnson being pretty muscular and massive, yet Kevin Hart quite small, put them together and many comedic lines can be created and they definitely were. Kevin Hart definitely plays the most comical character, his whole persona and his acting is brilliant in creating Calvin Joyner who is thrown into a life he didn’t want, but has no choice in the matter, because they all think he’s “in” when he’s definitely “out”.

Compared to the trailer I have to say that I was a little let down. I still thought the film was great and I liked the story. But I felt the trailer portrayed the film to be more of a comedy than it actually was. This meant I watched the film having a perception of a good comedy film, but I would definitely say there wasn’t as much comedy in it as I would have hoped. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good film, it just was a misleading trailer and not what I expected at all. I also found that the best comedy parts were in the trailer as well, but there were still some others, but I wasn’t howling in laughter at the film at all. But on the other hand, as an action film, as it is about Bob Stone a CIA agent, it was good, cleverly done, and full of moralistic views.

Central Intelligence

So the film starts in high school, Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson), quite overweight, singing in the shower is bullied and thrown out in front of everyone naked. Laughed at and ridiculed, the only person that helps him is Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), the student of the year, the one who was going to go far in life, the “Golden Jet”. 20 years later just before the school reunion, Calvin is living as an accountant disappointed where his life is at now and feels that his life peaked in high school. Whereas Robbie Weirdicht, now known as Bob Stone, has lost all weight and has become a spy. Johnson plays Bob Stone excellently by creating a man that is still scared of his past yet has tried to change and fight for himself against bullies. Here is where the film gets more moralistic. Bob is a character that is trapped in that one horrifying moment in high school and grips onto the fact that Calvin was the only one to help him, this is the moment he has framed his whole life off. I didn’t expect this at all in the film, it was definitely hidden in the trailers. But I still thought it was a nice touch to the film.

Bob and Calvin

The moralistic side of the film pulls on friendship, faith and trust. This is shown through the fact that the film is from the point of the view of Calvin, who after 20 years doesn’t really know this Bob Stone and doesn’t know what is the truth. I don’t want to give too much away, if I haven’t already, but there are moments in the film which leaves the audience confused in who to trust, along with how Calvin is feeling. Although, I do have to say, I guessed the ending correctly, I won’t say what, but I was pretty proud that I was right. Anyway not the point… The point was that the film is clever in confusing the audience through the character Calvin as he is pulled from side to side being told different things, one thing from the CIA wanting to capture Bob Stone and then Bob Stone saying he’s innocent, yet Calvin struggles to discover which one to believe, therefore the audience feels the same.

Calvin and Bob

So even though ‘Central Intelligence’ was definitely not what I expected it to be, I still thought it was a good film. It was a good plot and is a good action film; there are comedic elements, even if not as many as I wanted. So I would recommend ‘Central Intelligence’, however just don’t get your hopes up massively that it’s funny, because it might be considered overrated. Although, I am saying I would recommend it, because I would watch it again. So I would join Johnson and Hart in this film, why not?


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