iZombie (2015-)

Thrown straight into the action when Liv Moore got scratched at a Boat Party by a zombie, ever since then she’s joined “team Z”. Love her ironic name, gets me every time. Liv Moore. Because she’s undead… Sorry. Anyway, she uses her zombie powers for good, unlike some in this programme. If you don’t like the supernatural, well zombies really, then don’t watch this. It’s all about zombies, like the majority of it. But then again I think the title gives that away. But just in case, there’s your warning.

Team Z. Zombie-ism. Not like other programmes or films. These zombies need to eat brains in order to remain functioning. They can’t taste food, only with extra hot sauce. They crave nothing but brains. They see visions of those brains that have been eaten, their memories when triggered, and also develop a personality trait from them. Additionally, they are extremely pale and develop white hair. And if they lose control they go into full zombie mode, and nobody wants that, red eyes, extra strength. Basically don’t irritate a zombie. That is the definition of a zombie in this show. But mostly, with a spray tan and dyed hair, they walk among the living. Yet most people don’t believe they are real and that everything is normal, that their neighbour, or father, or cousin aren’t zombies. Well not everyone is, but the point is, it’s all a secret.

Full on zombie mode

So the programme is revolved around the main character, Liv Moore (Rose McIver). The recently turned zombie. Firstly, there’s her new job at the morgue, the place where she gets her brains from, the already dead. Here is her boss, my favourite character by far, Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli). Ravi has to be my favourite, he’s hilarious yet clever, without him the programme wouldn’t be near as good.

morgue in izombie

Then there’s Liv’s other job, which is helping Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) with solving homicide cases. This is the part of the programme that involves more of a murder mystery element. In each episode there is a new murder and Liv and Clive have to figure it out, I like these sorts of programmes so this definitely made the programme more interesting and different to other zombie or supernatural programmes as it’s not all about them, even though it kind of is as Liv is a zombie… But Clive doesn’t know that. Only Ravi knows the truth of Liv’s condition in life. Anyway, the reason why Liv is Clive’s partner is because she claims she sees visions that help uncover what happened to the murder victim, this is because she’s eating their brains and seeing their memories, but again, Clive doesn’t know this, he just thinks she’s a very accurate and helpful physic.

Clive and Liv

Of course Liv is not the only zombie, there has to be another in order to turn her. This is Blaine DeBeers (David Anders). A very different zombie to Liv, who tries to help solve cases, whereas Blaine, not so much… More murderous and goes on killing sprees to feed zombies in Seattle, whom he has turned himself. Blaine is truly evil. This is alternatively Liv’s worst enemy, where she doesn’t really want to be a zombie, yet more are turned and she’s scared for the human race; while Ravi desperately tries to discover a cure for zombie-ism. This element of the film is more gory, and definitely stressful and tense. But again cleverly done, that it becomes an addictive show to watch.

Blaine and Major

Moving away from the zombies, there’s Liv’s best friend from before she turned into a zombie. The oblivious Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka), who has to live with Liv’s up and down personalities depending on whose brain she had eaten that day. From suddenly learning how to paint or being able to play the drums, Peyton is thrown about not understanding why the sudden life changes in Liv’s life. However, these personality changes are hilarious in some cases.

liv and peyton

Again, another character lost in this new confusion and change for Liv, is her ex-fiancé, Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley). His heart broken when Liv got scratched and broke off the wedding, moving her life from being a surgeon to down in the morgue. Major gets the brunt of everything not knowing anything. However, Major definitely has his own difficulties and his own plot to the series, heart broken and desperate, then losing some of his children he’s supposed to look after as he’s a social worker, his life turns upside down throughout the series. I found that he is definitely one of the most loving characters in the programme shown through his affection of Liv, so the audience definitely feels sympathetic towards him.

ravi and major

I wouldn’t say you would watch this programme in order to spot actors you recognise, out of the whole two series so far, I only recognised two, and that was David Anders and Aly Michalka (from Aly and AJ!!). Additionally, I thought I should mention that, even if I’m not aware of the age restriction, I would say that it’s probably not appropriate for young ages. There are some graphic scenes, death scenes, bloody gory scenes, many dead bodies, many murdered dead bodies I should say. Also some may consider a few scenes to be slightly frightening. And there’s a lot of brains. Like loads.

I would however recommend this programme if it sounds like a programme you would enjoy. Each episode has a new case that needs to be solved. As the show goes on you discover more of Liv’s life and her complications, also some of her personalities that she goes through are brilliant and hilarious, have to mention excellently acted by Rose McIver. Also, the knowledge of zombies increases, new threats arise, and secrets becomes harder to hide. I was definitely hooked watching this programme non-stop until sadly finished and got to the end of series two. But hopefully there will be a new series. Also all series are on Netflix. But anyway, if you enjoy watching some murder mysteries and throw in a bit of zombies, then join team Z with Liv Moore in iZombie.


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