Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

I have to say the first time I saw the second ‘Pitch Perfect’, I was a bit disappointed. I feel like it wasn’t as near as good as the first film. Don’t get me wrong I loved the first film so much, I just think the first one was so good and such a different sort of film that it was quite successful, and it was hard to top when it came to the second film. Everyone got their hopes up but it never really got to the stage it potentially could have been. I love a chickflick full of music as much as the next, but this film was just not what I expected. Saying this however, it still does have some qualities that I enjoyed in the film. All I’m saying is if you loved the first ‘Pitch Perfect’ as much as I did, then don’t count on this one to be as good.

The Bellas are back in this film, but most of them are in their third and final year at university. This film is more about moving on from university and starting life outside of the Bellas; something Beca (Anna Kendrick) has understood, Chloe (Brittany Snow) not so much. Chloe flunks uni so she could stay and be in the Bellas the last couple of years, Aubrey (Anna Camp) having graduated after the first film. This shows how dedicated she is with the acapella group. I liked the plot, it’s joining with reality in moving on after university and beginning a new part of life. However, there were some parts of this movie I just didn’t understand the point of, some scenes were a bit pointless to me, not many of them, just a few. Back to the plot, Beca finds herself an internship at a recording studio, which I liked because reflects back to her desperate love of producing music in the first film; however she feels guilty as she’s not paying all her attention to the Bellas. Chloe who plans to flunk uni again, dedicates her life to the group, therefore you just know this is going to cause friction.

Pitch Perfect 2 - girls

Once again the film starts with a disgrace of the Barden Bellas which leads for them to be suspended this time. I really like how much this reflects the first film, with Aubrey in the Bellas “puking their way to the bottom” and then again another disgrace for the Bellas; however this one was more outrageous, funny yes, but a bit too extreme in some ways. This time it was due to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), one of my favourite characters in the first film, constantly hitting the audience with her brilliant one-liners, although disappointingly ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ just didn’t get as many one-liners and wasn’t near as funny as the first film, of course she still had comedic comments, but none as great as the first.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Fat Amy

John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks – also as the director of this film) are back, following the Barden Bellas on “their road to redemption”, they were still funny so were good in this film and were needed. There are some new additions to the Bellas in this film, which I liked; they mainly did keep all of the old Bellas which I also liked, but the new additions gave a new feel to a different film. Stacie (Alexis Knapp) was a character that has much less of a part in this film, she seems to be replaced by one of the new additions in speaking terms. This being the new Guatemalan girl, Flo (Chrissie Fit), who talks constantly about her life before moving to the US, this puts Chloe’s catastrophes into perspective in an extreme way; adding humour to Chloe’s extreme outrages. The main new girl, who gets much more screen time, is first year Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), she joins the Bellas as one of her dreams at university and joins as a “legacy”, even though they’re suspended and not supposed to bring on anyone new. Emily is definitely a character that shakes up the plot to make it different from the first film, with her original songs, I enjoyed this. I feel there should have been more differences even though I liked the reflections to the first film; but if they were more separate, the first and second films wouldn’t have been compared so much. For example, there was another scene like the riff-off, it wasn’t as good as the riff-off, although saying this it was an enjoyable scene in the second film. It’s difficult to say, because there are so many similarities between the films that are nice to reflect on, however the first film just did them better.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Barden Bellas

Something that was different from the first film, is that there was more than one romance. Happily, there is still the original Beca and Jesse (Skylar Astin), however there is a much less focus on them, but they are still together and it’s adorable. The romance moves away from them to Bumper (Adam DeVine) and Amy, and Benji (Ben Platt) and Emily. I also enjoyed the performances, some of them were fun to watch like the first film. New songs were used and some songs from the first film were brought back.

The new competition is a world acapella competition. The focus moves away from the Treblemakers, even though they are still in it, to Das Sound Machine, a German group. I really like this new group and the rivalry between them and the Bellas is enjoyable, especially Beca’s comebacks, which aren’t as snarky as the first film, but still equally hilarious in their own way as they turn into compliments.

Film Title: Pitch Perfect 2

Additionally, it’s like the film is split, it jumps from the Bellas to Beca’s internship. I liked how it jumped like this because it was different from the first film and again reflects the fact they are moving on. Additionally, it puts focus on Beca, one of the best characters. And added in new characters at the internship that were hilarious, one of these being Snoop Dogg, seriously, as he wants to create his own Christmas CD, it really is great!

Overall, this film was good in its own way. However, I feel it’s difficult to not compare to the first film as there are way too many similarities. There are some great scenes in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and it has a nice moral to the story. So I still found it enjoyable. But coming down to it, I would definitely recommend ‘Pitch Perfect’ the first film, but not so much the second because the similarities don’t reach the extent of how funny they were in the first film.


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