The Other Woman (2014)

‘The Other Woman’ is a women empowering romantic comedy. That women who are pissed off can take down men who treated them like shit. This man being Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a proper “asshole” and “monster”. When Carly (Cameron Diaz) goes to surprise her boyfriend, the door opens to his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). Not good for either of them to say the least. But it turns out for the best as they become “the weirdest friends ever”. This is the beginning of Mark being caught out. Unlikely friends set out for payback, but first finding there’s another mistress, Amber (Kate Upton). “When you put the lawyer, the wife and the boobs together, you get the perfect killing machine.” Or so the film says.

The Other Woman - Kate, Carly, Amber 1 - Smug

Cameron Diaz of course is amazing, she is a brilliant actress. I say the same for Leslie Mann as well. Cameron Diaz plays a tough love kind of girl, who believes that everything fails eventually and marriage is something false and fake in life. When she cares it comes out harsh and painful, especially for a very emotional wife to hear. This being Leslie Mann’s character, Kate. Kate is desperate yet hilarious, she is hanging by the thread trying to get her life together even though it’s falling around her. I really like her character because of how much she struggles with everything, especially it being her husband who’s cheating around, it makes her seem more real to the audience in my eyes, that she wants to believe different and hopes for the best, even if she knows different deep down. She’s not like other strong female protagonists in other films that sort everything themselves out of anger, she struggles along and forces a friendship with the one person she believes that can help her, Carly. I believe it’s Leslie Mann’s character that is the strongest in this film. There is a lot of screen time with her and her husband proving the director wants the audience to notice her struggling and Leslie plays it brilliantly making the audience extremely sympathetic towards her. However, within all this, she is still a brilliantly hilarious character as she grows stronger, but also when she’s around the other girls, especially Carly. And now to the other mistress. Kate Upton plays a stereotypical young dumb blonde. She doesn’t speak as much as the other two; you can definitely tell the focus is more around Carly and Kate; but she still makes a good addition to the film and some silly things she says are amusing. With each woman completely different, there must be one for the audience to like.

The Other Woman - Kate, Carly, Amber 2 - Laughs

I do find this film funny, however it’s not one of those film that has you howling at everything being said. It’s more of a watching the characters and relationships grow as they target the guy they’ve all slept with. As they trick him and stalk him, there are some great scenes. And in those scenes there are some funny moments, but also nice moralistic tones. The film feels empowering for women to stand up to a bad man.

The Other Woman - Kate, Carly, Amber 3 - Stalking

I’m sure it’ll be good to know, however, that Mark isn’t the only guy in this film and the ‘romantic’ side is not revolved around cheating. Of course there’s another guy in it, who’s the complete opposite, but that’s a given in this sort of film! And I’m not spoiling it to say that one of the women has his eyes on him, because it’s in the trailer, not that anything happens… It’s not Kate, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to say who but it’s her brother and that would be so wrong on way too many levels, but I won’t say which woman out of Carly and Amber, if you haven’t seen the trailer that is. Anyway this guy is Phil (Taylor Kinney), and not only is he the nice guy that the audience can love, he’s also protective of his sister by looking out for her and making sure the others are there for her too. Sweet, I know. Although, thinking about it know, he’s no way near as much as a big part than Mark is in the film, but it’s good to see the alternative view from Mark to Phil.

The Other Woman - Kate, Carly, Amber 4 - Cheers Wine

I would recommend this film as an easy watch romcom, one where three girls take it upon themselves to take revenge. It is a clever, funny film, that puts the audience in a good mood; the best kind of films. It’s even got Nicki Minaj in it! So why not join “the lawyer, the wife and the boobs” in their steps to friendship and taking down Mark King?


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