Pixels (2015)

‘Pixels’ is hilarious. Like seriously, hilarious. I love it. If you’re in for a good laugh, and a slightly different form of action then I would watch ‘Pixels’.

To say the least, I love an Adam Sandler film, and with a bit of Kevin James, that’s even better! Of course, Sandler and James are excellent. This is just seen in ‘Grown Ups’ for an example. Adam Sandler plays the main character, Brenner, an arcade nerd. The beginning of the film shows a World Championships of arcade games in the Summer of 1982, this portrays Brenner coming second, Eddie (Peter Dinklage), the “fire blaster”, coming first; something Brenner hasn’t been able to let go of, even when it jumps to the present day of them as adults. This flashback at the beginning of the film is clever and creates great background profiles for the characters. Brenner’s character is hilarious, and from the beginning of the film, he meets Violet Van Patten (Michelle Monaghan) in awkward circumstances, of course she later becomes more involved when the plot gets kicking, so her and Brenner’s back and forth comebacks are great and amusing, and have a slight romantic edge to them. Brenner’s best friend is obviously played by Kevin James, this being the President “Chewy” Will Cooper. The President is disliked by many, and when the catastrophe arises more fault and responsibilities land on him, but as he has some occasional successes he becomes more confident which is hilarious for the audience, especially his dance moves. It’s only a couple of seconds of the film, but it’s that memorable for me. Just wait and see, it’s confusing to watch, I was watching thinking what is happening, but I couldn’t not laugh. However, my favourite character, even though it’s hard to beat Sandler and James, has to be Josh Gad’s character in this film. He plays Ludlow Lamonsoff, “the wonder kid”, the “conspiracy nut”, the one obsessed with Lady Lisa. His character is brilliant, a lot of what he says I find hilarious in this film, he truly is a great element to add to the comedic side.

Pixels - Ludlow

The plot is an outbreak of animated video game characters. It really is a different type of action film. But there is still plenty of action, some car chases and fighting brilliantly pixelated animation characters, including a Smurf… But they make the action hilarious. The arcade games include Pacman, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and many more. The hands fall to the nerds as military soldiers have never experienced this kind of invasion and the only people who can save the world is Brenner, Ludlow and Eddie, the ones who spent their childhoods revolved around these arcade games. Of course, military personnel, Colonel Van Patten is also involved helping on the science edge.

Pixels - Van Patten, Brenner, Ludlow, Eddie

There are some classic great songs in this film, from Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’ to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. This just adds to the mood of the film and makes it that much better. Additionally, there are some great guest stars including ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, and Serena Williams herself.

I would definitely recommend watching this film. I love how different it is to other films, it’s not just another film portraying the world at its end. Instead it throws some great actors, some hilarious moments, and some crazy action scenes involving pixelated characters, at the audience to enjoy. Besides, how can you not love a film with Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Josh Gad. Also, the director, Chris Columbus, directed the first two Harry Potter films and I’m definitely a fan of them! So join the nerds in saving the world. “Game over”.



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