The Intern (2015)

Now first of all, I would definitely class this film as a drama rather than what most people might think as a comedy. This is because I feel ‘The Intern’ is more based on the differences between the young and the old, how the world has advanced technologically, and also how one man can help a younger woman, but how she can help him too. There are still comedic elements, of course, Robert De Niro does the amusing moments brilliantly, although it’s not like some of this other films like ‘Meet the Parents’ for example. Anne Hathaway also adds to the humour in her own way, but not as much. All I’m saying is don’t go into this film thinking you’ll be laughing all the way through it; well I didn’t anyway, but there was a chuckle or two.

I am a big fan of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, so of course I had to watch this film. We all know Robert De Niro is an amazing actor, winning two Oscars he has to be! And he sure can play a great range of characters, all of them brilliantly, and this film isn’t any different. He plays a character who the audience can fall in love with. He truly is such an emotional character, one with a lot of depth. This character is called Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old man who feels retirement is getting boring. So he applies for the Senior Internship Programme at an online fashion business in order to join the world again and learn new skills. The woman who brought this company to success was Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway); she is given her own senior intern, obviously that’s Ben himself. I love Anne Hathaway, she is a great actress! To say I’ve seen many of her films would be an understatement, from Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, to the beautiful and emotional ‘One Day’, of course ‘Les Misérables’, or even ‘Ella Enchanted’. Even similar to ‘The Intern’, being Andy in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. She does play some great characters in some brilliant films. At the beginning of ‘The Intern’, Jules is clearly shown under a lot of stress and she makes some bad decisions regarding Ben, I kind of took her as a bit of a bitch to begin with. However, I think this was done on purpose as the film was predominantly revolved around Ben instead of Jules, so as Ben got used to Jules, so did the audience; tying the audience more attached to De Niro’s character. As the film progresses, Jules grows and the audience begins to understand her more; especially when they introduce her family, her husband, Matt (Andres Holm) and daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner). Here is when Jules become more of a likeable character for the audience.

The Intern - Ben and Jules

The fashion business also brings in some more great characters, such as Davis (Zack Pearlman) another intern, but not a part of the senior programme. Davis is a great character that I feel is used to portray the sensitiveness of De Niro’s character, and also to show the limits he would go in order to help someone out, which gives more ties for the audience to love about him. There is also Jason (Adam DeVine – Bumper from ‘Pitch Perfect’), who is a great character as well. Alike to Davis, it shows more positive sides of Ben for the audience, as Jason needs help with women and turns to Ben for advice. Lastly, a character who supports Ben’s character is Lewis (Jason Orley). Lewis not only helps Ben understand this new technology, portraying the differences between the young and elder, but also appreciates some of Ben’s own aspects such as his classic briefcase. This just shows how much the director wanted to portray Ben as a character for the audience to love; it really is clever how other characters, that are great in their own way, are used to support the main protagonist.

The Intern - guys

Something that was perhaps a bit too exaggerated for me was the stereotypical differences between the young and the old. I get that the film is trying to show that the generations can still help each in many situations, but the stereotypical old man in constant suits and a briefcase, with alarm clocks instead of phones, with about a million ties… A bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. It felt a bit forced at the beginning with the amount of things shown as differences, but after the first part of the film I feel this relaxed a bit and actually made sense for the audience and went well. However, I do think it was trying to show the generational differences which definitely was needed for the film to have such an affect and moral to.

The Intern - Ben

I would recommend this film. It was a very heart-warming, nice to watch film. The film also feels full circle which I really enjoyed as it nicely begins and ends at the same place but with a slight difference. Without giving anything anyway. Robert De Niro really makes his character loveable and makes the film so enjoyable. The director is also great in playing on the audience’s emotions to create this moralistic film. So I would advise joining Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in a film that never gets old.


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