The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015)

This film to say the least was not what I expected. First of all, everything that was in the trailer was really misleading. The trailer was definitely successful in creating what looked like a great film with the classic SpongeBob Squarepants crew. But no. The film was nothing like the trailer suggested, and I feel a little let down by this. The majority of what is in the trailer is in the last half hour of the film, this means the first hour is watching something waiting to happen which only does in the last third of the film anyway. Also, the film is called ‘Sponge Out of Water’, when realistically there was only twenty minutes of the film where this was actually true. So even the title is giving false information for the audience.

Don’t get me wrong, it might seem I just have it out for SpongeBob or perhaps animated films. But honestly, animated films are my favourite and this film is just no ‘Kungfu Panda’, ‘Madagascar’ or ‘Shrek’ to say the least. I have to mention though, the graphics were amazing and pretty impressive in this film. With the SpongeBob side, yeah maybe I didn’t enjoy the film so much because I didn’t grow up watching it every day. Or maybe the film was just not up to the standard it could have been…

Spongebob Movie 2 - superheroes

Saying this however, this movie does bring back all the classic characters. SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) teaming up with Plankton (Mr. Lawrence) in order to save the Krabby Patty secret formula; even if they are enemies. The formula being stolen by human Captain Burger Beard (Antonio Banderas). The best character has to be the return of Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke), who definitely adds to the humour of the film, and makes it much better. There is also the great grumpy Squidward (Rodger Bumpass). Which I have to say when a “Squidasaurus Rex” appears, it is just so ridiculous it’s hilarious. Of course, there is the money-driven Mr Krabs (Clancy Brown). And finally, a slightly deranged version of Sandy (Carolyn Lawrence). There were some other characters I had never met before, but I would expect this in the film, or maybe they aren’t new and I’m just not aware of it. But some of these characters were a bit ridiculous and not expected, which some may consider hilarious and unpredictable; I, however, just thought was a bit weird, so much I just had to laugh. Maybe that’s what they intended?

Spongebob Movie 2 - all of them

I wouldn’t really recommend this film, maybe you have to be a massive Spongebob fan to understand what is being witnessed, maybe I don’t understand. I didn’t even think the song that was in it, ‘Teamwork’, was that good; it’s no way near as ‘F U N’ or ‘The Campfire Song’, clearly not reaching the stage it could have got to. I did like that they used the theme tune more than once in the film, obviously it being such a key moment of the TV programme which everyone must know; and I enjoyed the different interpretations of it. But overall, I felt that the trailer was too good and made the film a little underwhelmed, this made the plot feel slow at the beginning. Although, I do have to admit I did laugh, there were some moments that really did make me chuckle, just not near as much as I hoped. But I can’t say it was a completely humourless film, because that would definitely be a lie. Maybe the sad truth is I’m getting too old for animations, but I believe this not to be true.


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