Total Performance (2015)

This short film directed by Sean Meehan, was one which I was captivated in even if it only lasted 17 minutes. You were cleverly delved into this unusual life of Cori Sweeney (Tory Berner). Cori is an actress, but while she is auditioning for bigger roles, she witnesses and acts out difficult situations for people, to help them through difficult conversations. However, there is one rule, she cannot give advice. The one time she finds herself being herself and not acting someone else’s friend, or relation or perhaps employee, she discovers she’s needed for something else and is trapped in a situation she didn’t want to be in.

I kind of wish that the short film could have been a bit longer as the ending definitely left the audience unsure what will happen to Cori. However, maybe this is what made it so good and effective. Because even though the audience only witnesses 17 minutes, they feel they’ve learnt a lot about Cori’s life, about how much she wants to become an actress or maybe to be a bit more relaxed after she’s argued for a man about his wife, who she is acting to be. But in the end it helps them out, so she does it and takes it as practicing for when she gets an audition chance.

Total Performance - Cori

This film was really original, not like any other film that I’ve seen before. I feel like this is needed as it is such a short film, that it isn’t repeating longer film plots that are known by a large audience. The camera was also well used, that it cleverly showed the audience the minimal that they needed to know. Less was actual told to you, but you were able to join the dots and figure out what was happening easily. This is clever to give more information within such a short film. The music that was used was to also set the mood for the audience especially in how Cori was feeling; this was also seen in the lighting, especially when she’s in the bathroom. I found that the actors acted well, so the film flowed in that aspect too.

I did enjoy watching ‘Total Performance’ and delving into a life so different to my own. To understand a life of Cori Sweeney for 17 minutes and experience how she handles things, was an escapism for the audience.


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