The Bourne Identity (2002)

The first Bourne film, ‘The Bourne Identity’ is a good start to the classic Bourne films. However, personally not the best of them, but still a pretty good start and introduction to brilliant Matt Damon’s character, Jason Bourne. Everyone knows Matt Damon is excellent anyway!

After being shot twice in the back and left for dead in the ocean, a boat of fishermen find Jason Bourne, surprisingly still alive, but he can’t remember anything. He has no idea who he is or how he ended up in the sea. The film follows Bourne, trying to piece together who he is. Finding he knows how to defend himself, speak multiple languages, and tie complicated knots. But he struggles on, following every lead, hoping it will eventually take him to the answers he is searching for and discover who he is. But while discovering, he starts to recognise many police officers tracking him and becomes a target by the US government. The audience is brought to Bourne and back to the government agency, therefore the audience knows more than Bourne does. On Bourne’s route he travels from Zurich to Paris, paying a lot of money to a random woman in the street who owns a car, this being Marie (Franka Potente), who is then dragged into the catastrophe that is Bourne’s life.

Bourne Identity - Bourne and Marie

‘The Bourne Identity’ is an action movie and definitely has many scenes of fighting, car chases and assassinations. Some people might consider the film to be a bit slow in some places as it isn’t no stop action, but I personally think the mystery and confusion at why Bourne is constantly targeted is intriguing enough to watch the whole film. Additionally, it can feel like quite a long film. But then again, I don’t feel like this is much of a problem. There are some great action scenes that I really do enjoy, from a confused Jason Bourne able to defend himself against two officers and unsure how he did it, to a hectic crazy, yet quite long, car chase scene. There isn’t action in every second, but then again the film is trying to discover who Bourne is most predominantly; but nevertheless there are some clever action scenes that get the audience able to understand the mind of Bourne and how he is able to escape some situations impressively, whether that be scaling down the side of a building, or avoiding a staircase full of people trying to kill him and not getting shot once. The film is a 12. It isn’t very graphic or gory, just some violence, and the very occasional swear word. So it’s an understandable 12.

Bourne Identity - Bourne with gun

I would recommend this film, even though it isn’t as good as some of the other Bourne films, you have to watch the first one before you watch others as it’s a good introduction to them all and the inner-workings of Bourne himself. Besides Matt Damon is amazing!


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