Simple Mind (2012)

Phil Newsom’s short drama is very clever. I felt like I knew where the film was going as the camera hinted certain things to make the audience think a particular way; however, this is thrown away at the ending and everything you thought is abandoned and you’re left baffled by how it ends.

It is a very short film, only lasting just above seven minutes, however, it’s not needed to be any longer. It grips in the audience and then leaves them feeling confused. The camera is essential in creating this thriller feel to the film. The camera restricts the audience from seeing a lot of things; it is blurry to create an uncomfortable feel. Also, there are continuous extreme close ups of the mouth or eyes. Additionally, what helps to create this eerie feel for the audience is through the music. There is a continuous use of the heartbeat, something very common in thrillers, to demonstrate what the protagonist is feeling, whether it be stress or that they are frightened. However, in ‘Simple Mind’ it feels like it is portraying excitement but this isn’t known until further in the film. The music is key in another way also, it triggers things in the audience’s mind, to make them think a certain way, to make them feel uncomfortable and that something is not quite right to what we are witnessing; even if we think it’s something that it’s not. The director purposely makes us think a certain way, and this is very clever.

Simple Mind - Bob

The plot is about going into the mind of Bob (Timothy J. Cox). He is sat in a therapist office explaining his issues and what he thinks about them. All throughout this, the audience delves inside his mind and sees what he is saying in the odd camera angles. This is needed to create what the audience needs to see to craft this tension. ‘Simple Mind’ jumps from the past of what he is explaining to him in the present at the therapist office, the audience is tugged to different times, but it doesn’t become confusing, instead slowly gives more pieces for the audience to add together.

I would recommend watching this and just delving into a seven minute production which throws your perspective about. It really is gripping and the mind of Bob is one to get confused by.


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