Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (2007)

If you want a good villain that everyone will hate… Introducing Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton). She truly is a character for everyone to dislike. Her high-pitched giggles become iconic for the audience. Her obsession with the colour pink and kittens is creepy. Her essence is mean and controlling. She controls everything, turning Hogwarts into a ‘Ministry-approved’ version, which is a version full of strict rules and only focus on the OWLs examinations. She becomes the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher where she follows a “carefully structured ministry approved course”, ie. meaning they can’t actually use magic. She flaws her way through Hogwarts creating havoc everywhere, changing the once beloved Hogwarts as we know it. And when things go wrong for her, we laugh and we clap joyfully. She should be taken away by the centaurs and have a magical fire-cracker dragon eating her. She should. Sadly, my hatred of this new teacher means that I don’t enjoy the film as much as the others. She truly is a great villain, but just a bit too irritating for me. Perhaps people view this differently however.

Order of Phoenix - Umbridge

Despite this, there is the introduction of another character, Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), or “Loony Lovegood”. A character who becomes a part of the Harry Potter crew, one Harry is able to connect with on a level he can’t with his other friends; the connection being that Harry and Luna have both seen death. Luna’s misunderstood character is then in all the other films so is key to being introduced here. She’s extremely weird and have beliefs that many don’t understand, she has an interest in magical creatures, many that people don’t believe are real. She is definitely a different character to all the others, to say the least. There is also the introduction of some new places, including the Ministry of Magic and Headquarters.

Order of Phoenix - Luna

As you can guess, things get pretty hectic in Hogwarts during this film. This leads to the invention of Dumbledore’s Army, where the students take it upon themselves to learn how to defend themselves in the outer world of Hogwarts. Their teacher? Harry Potter of course! Although, including this, Harry is getting into the wrath of everything as well. People label him a liar as he claims The Dark Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) has once again risen, which of course we know is true as this happened in the end of ‘The Goblet of Fire’. Additionally, Harry becomes more moody in this film, perhaps it’s him going through his moody teenager stage, or perhaps it’s portraying his connections to Voldemort; something which is extremely significant to the Harry Potter films in order to create the depth of Daniel Radcliffe’s character.

Order of Phoenix - Harry, Ron and Hermione

I really like how this film extends some relationships. There is an emphasis on Harry and Sirius Black (Gary Oldman), especially that he’s the only family he’s got left. Sirius becomes more of a fatherly figure for Harry and the audience witnesses this on an emotional level repeatedly throughout the film. Also a romance starts to grow between Ron and Hermione, which is the sweetest thing for the audience to witness.

Even though this isn’t my favourite Harry Potter film, it is still a good one, it has to be; all of them are! Fred and George (James and Oliver Phelps) are great with their many joke and trick sweets. And my favourite character, Ron, is hilarious in this film. This film is definitely key in creating many things that are important to the finale of Harry Potter. It’s the fifth year at Hogwarts, you have to join them. Even if there is the bitch Umbridge!


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