One Day (2011)

‘One Day’. It’s called ‘One Day’ for a reason. The film is set on the same day in a year. 15th July. From the 15th July in 1988 all the way to the 15th July in 2011. It’s really clever of the director how so much can be told, even though it’s only ever one day in a year we witness. I love how different it is, yet still makes it an enjoyable and emotional watch. To say the least, a lot happens on this particular day. It has to or it wouldn’t make a good film, but it isn’t so much that it becomes unbelievable. It’s cleverly done so we learn things that happen over the year we’ve missed in different ways.

One Day - Emma and Dex - Young

Want a tear-jerker film? Well this one. This one over and over again. I remember the first time I watched ‘One Day’, when it first came out in the cinema, I cried then. And I cried last night watching it… A great beautiful film, it truly is. Based on a David Nicholls book, it is of course a stunning film for the audience to get wrapped up into.

One Day - Emma and Dex - Middle

The actors are of course brilliant in this film. The two main protagonists are Emma and Dexter. Emma played by the amazing Anne Hathaway, and Dexter played equally as good by Jim Sturgess. The film is based around these two characters, their struggles in life and their friendship going through its high ups and dramatic downs. To say the least, they are polar opposite characters. Dexter’s life starts off very hap-hazardous as he lives life spontaneously and recklessly, bouncing from girl to girl with a constant drink in hand. His life hits some hard bottoms and things bounce hectically off track. Whereas Emma plays by the rules, even though her life doesn’t head the way she wanted it to go and she takes her time getting there. Throughout she spends a big chunk of her life in a relationship she doesn’t truly believe in, but eventually becomes more determined to be the writer she has always dreamed of being. Their lives go in complete opposite directions but they try to remain in contact throughout most things. We witness as they nearly get together, get different partners, and struggle as the other one copes. Their relationship really is a rollercoaster.


This is one of my favourite films, I just love the emotion that can be put across and portray the developing and crashing relationship between Dexter and Emma. There are many things that Dexter and Emma struggle with in life, this makes the film very relatable for the audience, even if tragic. There are some emotional scenes, but also some enjoyable comical scenes. There are tense scenes and hopeful scenes. This film really does go through all the emotions. If you want a moving and stunning film to watch, then I would recommend this one over and over again. But beware it might make you cry… Just a pre-warning.


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