Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-)

At the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, there is a team of detectives. And they are truly great, all so different, yet all hilariously brilliantly created. I’m writing this review based upon the first series as I don’t want to ruin or spoil too much, so I apologise if the characters and information is different in the future, but I really hope it isn’t. Firstly, the two superior leaders of the team, Captain and Sergeant. Introducing Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), from the first episode he is a new addition to the Precinct. His character is played excellently with an emotionless face making it hilariously difficult for the rest of the team to read his mood. Next is the Sergeant, Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), a new father trying to ease back into being a police officer and the action of the job. Terry Crews is always brilliant, personally knowing he’s the one who adores ‘A Thousand Miles’ in ‘White Chicks’ makes my day; yet he is equally great in this programme. Obsessed with staying muscular, there are many scenes of him working out whenever he can or perhaps eating 10 thousand calories every day…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Holt and Jeffords

Here comes the detectives. What I love about this programme, is that even though it definitely seems like things are more revolved around Jake Peralta in advertising, things actually aren’t in the programme, all the characters get enough depth and screen-time so the audience can love all of them. So to begin with, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), the hilarious detective who thinks he’s the best at everything and nothing is his fault. He is played extremely well to execute this hilarious comments to the audience. Samberg’s character is loveable, yet childish and unable to grow up. Next is Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). Santiago is described in the show as very competitive as she is the only daughter with seven brothers, however we learn this pretty quickly throughout the show. She is an excellent character for the audience to love, her determination to always search for approval of her new Captain is great and continues throughout the first series. This shows how great she is played, as something as small as that is in her character and a reliable element for the audience. Also, Jake and Amy’s relationship is competitive and snarky at each other, even if perhaps predictable still enjoyable.


Additionally, there is scary Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Her character is so different to all the others; she keeps her past and life very close to herself and doesn’t share much, so as small things are revealed by different people in the Precinct, the audience learns with them. She has hilarious outrages which are great for the audience to witness. Next is the best friend of Peralta, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio); a detective who works extremely hard. But that’s not what makes him great! His close friendship and dedication to Jake is loved by the audience. Some of his comments are brilliant, and his constant obsession with the best food in Brooklyn is a reliable theme. The one who actually isn’t a detective but an assistant is Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), but equally still a part of the team. She is excellent, I love her character. She is hilariously mean and self-obsessed, yet there are moments where in her crazy ways she does the right things and they are so clever!


Not forgetting, Scully (Joel McKinnen Miller) and Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker). However, I feel they are a bit underappreciated in this programme, yeah they aren’t involved in many of the cases to solve, but they’re in pretty much every episode and are great in their own way! Both of them at least making me laugh at least once in every episode. If it be Scully’s obsession with food and eating, or Hitchcock’s random decisions to take his shirt off, they are both comical.


So as you can tell, there has to be a character for everyone to love. I can’t even begin to say who my favourite character is, I find them all so hilariously brilliant and all so different it would be impossible to choose. Just like any good programme, you learn new information about the characters and all the episodes are so different, that they are all watchable and don’t become repetitive for the audience at all. I can watch them over and over again… Just an easy 20 minutes or so watch to make me laugh. The show began in 2013 and is still on-going. It is an easy watch, hilarious, enjoyable sitcom. Amongst the comedy, there are also new cases to watch the detectives solve; some of them, the audience can even try to figure out where the murder weapon went or who the murderer was. However, even if it is based in a police station, I wouldn’t say it’s scary or a thriller type of programme. Like at all!


So if this seems to be your sort of TV programme, I would 100% recommend. You can probably tell I love it!


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