The Mummy (1999)

If you’re looking for a realistic, relatable film to watch, turn away from this one with a big no. However, if you’re looking for a film to throw you into some hectic action where Mummies are brought back to life and many die, then you’ve found yourself a perfect choice with this film. This really is a great action film to escape in.

The plot is very simplistic, not in a bad way though. But it’s not one to throw you about or get you confused. It isn’t complicated at all. It’s very easy to understand what is happening, and to kind of predict what will happen. But it’s an action movie, so it’s ok. Librarian Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) takes it upon herself to try and find the hidden city of Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead. Her brother Jonathan (John Hannah) tags along for the hope of finding some gold. And one other person is needed, a man who has made it to the City of Dead and came back alive… Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser). Small problem, he’s in prison… Finding a way round this, they make their way to the secret city. Once they arrive the curse is stubbornly read aloud, the Book of the Dead is found, and a mummy (who wants to bring death to the world) is accidentally revived. Apparently nothing bad can happen from reading a book… Things start to get a bit hectic as the mummy is set loose on Egypt and more things start to go wrong. Like I said a simple, yet action-filled, plot.


Some people might find ‘The Mummy’ quite scary and jumpy. It is a 15 for a reason. I’ve also noticed from it being shown on TV in the early evening some scenes are cut out, I think the reason for this would be that it is a 15. I mean quite a few people get eaten alive by bugs… Don’t get me wrong you don’t actually see most of it, you occasionally see the bug inside someone where a lump of skin is crawling inside them… But I wouldn’t say this is a gory film, it isn’t a horror. The use of shadows or lighting (mostly the lack of), and sometimes the focus on other people’s faces gives the audience the drift of what is happening. Most predominantly this film is action. It is action-packed, right from the beginning. There are a lot of gun-fighting scenes, this being most of the film… But there are also fires and explosions, some sword fights. But like I said, mostly guns. A lot of action in many scenes; many where a lot is happening for the audience to enjoy watching.

‘The Mummy’ is quite a long film, lasting over two hours; however everything is necessary in it, and there isn’t a boring scenes! Additionally, keep in mind that this film was made in 1999, so the special effects are not as great as they would be now. However, I don’t think this distracts the audience from the action of the film and still makes it great. The music is very clever and great for the audience as well. Most significantly the use of music with no lyrics, which fits in well with the type of movie it is.


The actors are of course amazing in this film. This makes the film so much more enjoyable. Brendan Fraser plays a masculine fighter, who truly is a character for the audience to love. Rachel Weisz plays the intelligent and enthusiastic Evelyn, who the audience will also love. But my favourite, is John Hannah playing Jonathan, even though it is a close first place. But Jonathan brings comedy to the film, his comments are executed brilliantly to make him a comical character for the audience to really appreciate. Well I do anyway.

Well overall, I would definitely recommend this classic action film. And if you liked this film, I would highly recommend the sequel to this film, my favourite, ‘The Mummy Returns’. But first join O’Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan in saving the world in what they accidentally unleashed on it.


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