Sausage Party (2016)

I remember when this film came out for trailers. People started watching thinking it was a children’s animated film, just like many others. But this time one with talking food and their perception of humans. Until you actually watch the trailer and get to that one part where you realise this isn’t a kid’s film at all. I repeat, this is NOT a children’s film! It’s definitely an animated film about talking food, yes, but one for older ages, 100%.

Ok so firstly, this is a 15, and for very good reason! I can’t begin to explain how understandable this is… Also I thought I would mention that, it is not appropriate for those who: a) don’t like too much swearing – it swears non-stop, even sings swear words… b) don’t like sexual innuendos – I don’t even know if they were innuendos or just straight out strong sexual references, even beyond that… and finally c) don’t like watching things that could be taken quite offensively – this is also a bit of an understatement. Put simply, this film is of a required humour.

I have to admit, some parts of the film, yeah were hilarious, my favourite having to be ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’ song coming on and then an actual meatloaf appearing to sing it. Although parts during that song… Umm, words can’t explain how weird they were. I just thought the singing meatloaf was funny to be honest. And some parts were so stupid they were funny, or perhaps I was so confused by what I was actually watching that laughter was the only choice… But I have to say, I was stunned in some parts that they even went to those areas… I actually had my mouth hanging open in disbelief in the cinema.


Focussing on the trailer, I have a few things to say. Yes from the trailer you know it’s a comedy and yes from the trailer you know it’s a film for adults mainly based on the whole load of swearing. But one thing that the trailer did not portray was how rude it actually was! Also, I found the trailer more focussed on when the food were at a human house, whereas the actual film was mostly based in the shop itself. Although, you can’t have a trailer telling you everything, that would spoil it so I understand why this was done.

Anyway, so what is the film actually about? At Shopwells, food has a fantasy that they want to be chosen by the Gods and be taken outside into the greater world beyond, yet they don’t know the truth that they are being taken to be eaten and as they call it “murdered”. When one finds out they try desperately to tell the others, this being Barry (voiced by Michael Cera). Meanwhile, back at the shop, some of the food accidentally gets taken to the wrong side of the shop and there’s a mishap where they fall out of the trolley being separated from their friends and their God who chose them. This being a sausage and bun who are in love, and a bagel and a tortilla I think, they never actually say what food he is… These then try to make it across the store to make it back to their own aisle, while on the way meeting up with a taco, Teresa (Salma Hayek – possibly recognisable from ‘Grown Ups’) and being chased by something angry, I really don’t want to say what… Anyway, the sausage, Frank (Seth Rogan), believes that the outer world might be something else so he tries to discover the truth behind it all, whereas the others, don’t want to believe anything he says, especially his love, Brenda (Kristen Wiig). It is a creative storyline, can’t say I’ve watched a film like this one before. At all. I did like how they jumped from how the food saw things and then how the humans did. It was predominantly from the foods eyes obviously, but had occasional jumps to what the human’s saw which cleverly adjusted the lighting and saw food as we see food. To say the least, I’ll never look at food the same…


Overall, I have to say this was the weirdest film I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. It was quite bizarre, but I have to admit some parts were funny. I just strongly advise that you have the right humour for this film, then you’d perhaps love the craziness and absurdity of ‘Sausage Party’.


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