Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

This hilarious, feel-good movie is not a disappointment to all the other great Bridget Jones films. This film really does have the audience in awkward cringe-worthy moments but also moments to make the audience laugh and come out of the film feeling happy.

Bring on the third Bridget Jones movie and she’s back! Still as good as before. Twelve years later and they’ve finally made a third film that leads on from the 2004 ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’; the first one ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ having come out in 2001 and being such a huge success. To say the least you can definitely see that time has passed; Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth looking so much older, pointed out in this film by a flashback of them so young in the first film!


So much has happened going from the second film. Shazzer (Sally Phillips) is married with children, the same goes for Jude (Shirley Henderson). So Bridget’s friendship tends to revolve more around her work friends, most significantly Miranda (Sarah Solemani), who is a bit younger and never has marriage or babies on her mind. Well until Bridget gets pregnant… But the question and main soul of the plot is: Who is the father? The handsome one-night stander, Jack? Or perhaps the guy she has all the history with, back and forth complications in their relationship; Mark? The film is definitely great at holding the audience into who actually is the father, because obviously Bridget can’t actually choose and she definitely doesn’t know either, so the audience is hooked until the very end… And of course, Mark is no stranger in competing for Bridget’s love, and this film isn’t any different! Will she get her solid relationship and family? Or will everything go extremely wrong, we are no stranger to the awkward and embarrassing things that can happen to poor Bridget Jones.

Of course the cast is amazing! The actors and actresses are all hilarious in their own way. Starting with the two possible fathers, Colin Firth! What a brilliant actor anyway! Colin Firth plays the unpredictable Mark Darcy, amazing down to the final point, but seriously you don’t need me to say any of this; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love good ole Colin Firth! Mark’s unpredictable reactions to things are something the audience can never understand, but his whole character is one to love as the camera focuses on things we need to know even if Bridget is in the dark about them; it’s the audience that learns his love for her is still wide awake. The other possible father is one rather different (played by Patrick Dempsey), all about the mathematical algorithms and positive energy in a relationship, something I was quite surprised by. I didn’t imagine that was the type of character he was going to play. But hey, it worked well with the opposition against Mark, and I felt the audience were more routing for Mark in the end rather than Jack. The best friend of Bridget is back as well, Shazzer, played by Sally Phillips. I’ve always found Sally Phillips hilarious anyway and she was great in this film as well, personally she’s known to me by the great show of Miranda; which I’ll always love. The other new best friend, Miranda, played by Sarah Solemani, is also great, she is differently hilarious, whether she’s interviewing someone on the news or she’s rolling in a big ball at a festival with the one and only Ed Sheeran! Yeah, I’m not joking. Anyway, there’s then the brilliant Emma Thompson, playing Dr Rawlings, who of course is brilliant, she always is; even if it’s from Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter to Nanny McPhee herself! And finally, the star of the show, Renée Zellweger, who of course if the best Bridget Jones! Back narrating the whole film like the other films, a familiarity the audience loves so much in these films. She’s back and hilarious! The audience witness everything she does as we go on the rollercoaster of pregnancy with her.


I would definitely recommend watching this film, I might go as far as saying that this film is the best of the three; but then again it’s been a while since I’ve seen the other two. Anyway, I would completely agree that this film is not a disappointment to the others and if you are a Bridget Jones’ fan you will fall in love and laugh with this film. Or maybe you are new to Bridget Jones? First I would recommend watching the others, just to get the development of the characters, especially Bridget and Mark; but on its own, it is still a great romcom to enjoy.

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