One in a Million (2016)

This short film directed and written by Patrick Ireland, is one which is very powerful for the audience. It lasts about nineteen minutes, yet has so much to say just within those few minutes. Just a pre warning, this film isn’t supposed to be an easy enjoyable watch, it couldn’t be further from it. Instead, it is designed to make the audience think; to make them consider other people; to recognise everyone has their dreams, yet all have their problems. It makes the audience feel uncomfortable and scared; because of this, the film is very moralistic and projects its message strongly.

There are many elements of the film that are effective towards the audience. The one that stands out the most is that it is all in black and white. Perhaps giving an older effect to the film and changes the style of modern films; or maybe just portraying this dull and eerie essence to the town that they live in. What is also very effective for the audience is the narrative. One person speaks over the film, this being the main protagonist Kevin (Eddie Chamberlin). But the thing that is most effective is him saying the same thing each time in different parts of the film, except there are slight minor changes to his sentence. The audience appreciates the character Kevin, and these repeated sentences are powerful for the audience to understand Kevin’s burning desire to be a millionaire and escape his life.

The audience only really appreciates two characters in this film, Kevin (like I’ve already said) and his adopted mother, Ann (Róisín Monaghan). Although, we get that there is more that meets the eye when it comes to the aggressive and hateful character of Leo (Christopher Laws). The film definitely does not make the audience like this character, rather the opposite; but I felt there was a hint of him feeling replaced by his mother. This brings a lot of depth, not only into the characters but into the film. The character of Charly (Scarlett Marshall) was one I couldn’t quite understand, this didn’t change the effect of the film at all, instead added to it. All the character were significant into adding, not only appreciation of the character Kevin, but appreciation to the moral of the film.

This film delves into the hopes and dreams of an orphaned teenager who struggles when new things arise. He just wants to be a millionaire, but life has different plans for him. This moralistic, powerful short film is definitely one to get the audience thinking, and one I would recommend watching as it is such a moving short film.


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