High School Musical 3 (2008)

‘High School Musical 3’ screams the last film, shouts that it is the final send-off of our loved actors and actresses in a singing and teen film. And I have to say it’s a great end to the three films.

Now I know people are split by ‘High School Musical’, you either love it or hate it. Personally, I don’t understand why it’s hated so much, ok I get it if you hate musicals, fair enough because they sing in it, like a lot. And yeah maybe the film can be a bit cheesy, but aren’t they all? Those lovey-dovey couples, you either take it as cheesy or cute, I guess it’s a preference. In my opinion, sometimes a bit of ‘High School Musical’ is an enjoyable watch now and then; to have a sing-a-long and feel great in the end. I’m guessing there are probably more people that have seen the first one than this third one; but there is definitely a growing up sense in this film from the first. The obvious example is Troy and Chad in the junk yard; you know what I mean.

So ‘High School Musical 3’, their Senior Year, their graduation, our final ‘High School Musical’. Watching this you can tell it’s the final film; I know people are wanting a reunion but I feel they ended this one so well, it doesn’t need anymore. It’s all the main characters’ final year in school, their final year at East High and moving to University. There are a few new characters to this film, happily all the others are still in it, but these three new characters portray the moving on of the old actors, they are new students taking their place in school as the older ones leave. There is Jimmie (Matt Prokop) or “Rocket Man”; Troy looks after him, lets him take the final winning shot in their basketball match. Then there’s Donny (Justin Martin), best friend of Jimmie, fitting into a character alike to Chad. Then finally, Tiara (Jemma McKenzie-Brown), the English transfer student, who takes it upon herself to be the personal assistant to Sharpay; secretly learning the ropes of how to rule the school. It’s not just this that shows it’s the final film. You can tell they truly went all out with this film, there are many expensive new additions to the film. The props, sets and number of the cast is greatly expanded. Sharpay’s dreams become greater with a variety of costumes and huge props and so much more. Also Troy’s solo being partly in a turning room… It doesn’t look like a cheap film to make to say the least. My favourite part, however, that shows the end of all ‘High School Musical’ films, is the ending; it’s such a great closure. It’s like the actors bow, like after a theatre show, they are finished. And the freeze jump just screams the advertisement for all the films; the jump.


I really liked how this film reflected aspects of the first film. Not only does this again represent an end, but just gives familiarity to the audience who love ‘High School Musical’. Sharpay is back at her old ways, printing pictures of Gabriella’s life she hasn’t told anyone about and spreading them around the school. She is also the same in how she parts the hallway as she walks, and everything is just so pink! The Wildcats are back representing the means of being a team and working together. Additionally, the cute use of the school roof; having it been a place of thought and to be yourself in the first film, the third film displaying this again, but more significantly the depth of the relationship between Troy and Gabriella. Which probably has to be the most handsome couple, and providing couple goals for people since 2006.

Happily, I can state that all the actors and actresses come back in this 2008 final film. Zac Efron playing Troy Bolton is at his best in this third film over the other two. Right from the beginning of this film, there is an obvious difficulty in Troy, where he can’t figure out his future. Also, Vanessa Hudgens back as Gabriella Montez, is of course brilliant as she struggles to come to grips of leaving East High. Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay, hasn’t changed one bit; still chasing for Troy and the centre of attention, of course centre of the stage as well. You don’t need me to tell you that they all play the people well, they have been doing it for three years; and they bring it home in the final film with a successful ending.


If you are a fan of the other ‘High School Musical’ films, then this one will not be a disappointment. They are enjoyable songs to sing along to, great dancing choreography with brilliant dancers, and of course another Spring Musical! So why not join Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel and many many more in the final ‘High School Musical’ where they give their bow and say goodbye to High School forever.


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