Shrek (2001)

Now even though I love Disney films, some animations that aren’t Disney are equally as great and should be appreciated as much as the Classics are. There are so many examples of this; ‘Toy Story’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Monsters Inc’, ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Hotel Transylvania’, ‘Despicable Me’, ‘Kungfu Panda’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’; I should probably stop there, but I can definitely name so many more. But most importantly, ‘Shrek’ and all the sequels. ‘Shrek’ jumps on this list easily, it is an enjoyable film for both children and adults to love. Therefore makes a perfect family film.

With the likes of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, and the excellent Eddie Murphy, all thrown in with classic songs to perfectly represent moods of the film; ‘Shrek’ is a blast from the past in my eyes, but is still appreciated and should be always. Since watching this film today I just had to do a review on it, and previously I hadn’t watched it in donkeys (sorry – couldn’t resist…); but after watching it, my childhood came rushing back. Reminded of all those great tunes, including ‘All Star’, ‘Bad Reputation’, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘I’m a Believer’, you’re able to feel every mood of the film and delve into the characters emotions, happy or sad.


A film of morals, very deep morals. Ones that reflect sayings such as, “Sometimes things are more than they appear”, representing Shrek’s hurt inside by being judged as an ogre couldn’t be more portrayed in this film; “They judge me before they even know me. That’s why I’m better off alone”. A sad life he leads, but one where he thinks he is living the best he can; until… He accidentally saves a poor talking donkey’s life, one forever grateful, one who finds an immediate friendship in Shrek no matter how hard Shrek tries to reject him. Donkey just keeps talking and keeps following, for as Donkey says (get ready for yet another moralistic message), “That’s what friends do, they forgive each other” no matter what. All very important messages for children to understand.

Now I said ‘Shrek’ is a family film. It’s obvious that it is a brilliant film for children to love, with the recognisable Fairy Tale characters, from Pinocchio to the three little pigs. Also they would appreciate the humour of the film, especially the best character, Donkey! His hilarious comments or continuous ways becomes familiar for the audience to love, and of course the cute friendship between Shrek and Donkey is something to be adored in the end. So where do adults come into this? Well other than just the great essence of the film, the film is riddled with adult humour throughout, references to alcohol, but also some sexual innuendos; but don’t worry this isn’t obvious!


One of the great things about this film is that it easily stands out from others of its time. The hero of the film is a character upset in self-hate and just wants to be accepted. But also one seen as villain in the ‘humans’ eyes of the film, but of course not in the audiences’! Other than this, there are so many other differences, just simple things of freeze frames of Fiona mid-kick while she sorts her hair, the camera spinning around the action, you don’t usually see that in many films but I think it uniquely adds to the humour. Or perhaps the moment where Lord Farquaad has to choose his princess, in a humorous style like a game show; Bachelorette number 1, Cinderella, Bachelorette number 2, Snow White, or Bachelorette number 3, Princess Fiona. Even once breaking the ‘forth wall’ (looking into the camera), not addressing the audience, just during song, of course!

If you haven’t seen this film, I (surprised) would definitely recommend it. But I’m sure most have already seen this film, but just don’t forget how great all the ‘Shrek’ films are; I forgot until now, but this review is so others don’t make the same mistake as me. So go ahead, go back to Shrek, Donkey and Fiona and take the journey all the way till the end.


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