Easy A (2010)

This romantic comedy is one to remember. I probably should mention that it does have a certain audience needed. You may call it one of those chick-flicks, so therefore the teenage/young adult female might find it more like their film, rather than a young male adult (for example, my boyfriend hated it…). But I love it! Let’s just put it this way if you don’t think of this film every single time you hear ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ by Natasha Bedingfield, I’m going to give a guess and say it’s probably not a film for you.

So the main character is played by Emma Stone, she plays a seventeen year old girl named Olive. To say the least, she does not look 17 (in fact she was about 22…), but we’ll just ignore this. She plays the character well and that’s all that matters, because to say the least there are hardly any school based films where the actresses and actors are actually 16 or 17. Even in ‘The Duff’ where Mae Whitman almost looks the age she is supposed to be, in reality she was about 27 when it came out. Anyway, back to ‘Easy A’. Olive’s life starts to go a bit pear-shaped when one lie spins out of control; one lie to her friend Rhiannon (Aly Michalka – also in the new show ‘iZombie’), and an one girl who overhears, Marianna (Amanda Bynes – most popular from ‘She’s The Man’), spreads the lie like wildfire. And the whole school knows and as rumours go, this one gets quite out of control, changing every time it is spread around. Leaving Olive stuck in a lie that she slept with a college guy, when in reality she never did. So yes, this film is highly based around Olive then being called a “whore”, a “dirty skank” and just a “slut” really. Things escalate pretty fast. Especially when an old friend appears, who is struggling because he isn’t accepted in the school as he is gay, Brandon (Dan Byrd) asks Olive to help him seem straight so he can fit in. So her reputation changes pretty damn quickly.


The plot might seem ridiculous, and extremely moralistic, but within all this, it is actually a brilliant hilarious film with snarky comments and great comebacks. Especially Emma Stone in this, she is great! The whole film has a voice over from Olive herself, speaking from the future, giving more depth into the character, but also tying the end to the whole film. She speaks on a webcam video which we go back and forth to, but unsure why she is doing it. But we know she’s speaking to anyone that will listen, but most importantly, to the audience. Us. Additionally, this voice over makes sure the audience understands Olive’s mind, her reasoning for things, which potentially leads for us always seeing her side; but I’m not saying there is an issue with this, I like that it’s done this. It also helps how much time passes so it doesn’t become repetitive or drag at all. So quite different to other romcoms we might previously be so recognisable to.

Also, bring in a guy who always seems to be there, in the background never horrible to our great protagonist, Todd (played by the one and only Dan Humphrey from ‘Gossip Girl’, Penn Badgley). A teacher who is hilarious in his ways, Mr Griffith (Thomas Haden Church); and I have to mention his wife, just because it’s Phoebe from ‘Friends’, Lisa Kudrow. Additionally, you can’t forget Olive’s family, the brilliant, loving, yet comical parents (played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci), and her little brother. All of the characters bring in a comedic element that is enjoyable for the audience.


I would recommend watching this hilarious film, if you think it’s for you. As Olive talks to the audience about her past couple of weeks, we also travel to older romcoms that this one is so different too; everyone wants a musical like in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ for example, or even reflecting on the classic males in 80s romances, such as ‘The Breakfast Club’; but as she says our lives aren’t directed by John Hughes. Whereas she definitely relates her life to ‘The Scarlet Letter’. So go ahead watch how one lie traps Olive and her whole school life reputation changes in a second.


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