Grown Ups (2010)

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider. Enough said. Thank you…

If those names don’t make you think this will be a great movie, then perhaps this is not the film for you. But come on! Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider! Just looking at those actors screams a hilarious film. Adam Sandler and Kevin James together once again (just like ‘Pixels’). Love it.

Decades after a basketball match, a team of five friends meet at their coach’s funeral, Coach Buzzer, (shown all about this basketball match in a flashback). A meetup that brings out their childhood memories as they all stay at a Lake House together, all with their families. This brings Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) with his wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek), and their three children, Greg (Jake Goldberg), Keithie (Cameron Boyce) and Becky (Alexys Nycole Sanchez), also the nanny, Rita (Di Quon). Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) with his family, wife Sally (Maria Bello), daughter Donna (Ada-Nicole Sanger), and son Bean (Frank/Morgan Gingerich). On his own, brings Marcus Higgins (David Spade). Additionally, the McKenzie family, Kurt (Chris Rock), Deanne (Maya Rudolph), Andre (Nadji Jeter) and Charlotte (China Anne McClain), not forgetting Deanne’s mother, Mama Ronzoni (Ebony Jo-Ann). Finally, Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) and his slightly older wife Gloria (Joyce Van Patten). Every character is brilliant, not only the actors I previously mentioned at the beginning, but Maya Rudolph (‘Bridesmaids’) and Salma Hayek (‘Sausage Party’), amongst the others, are all great!

Grown Ups - guys

The main five guys are so different that it brings such great comedy into the film. Lenny is bounded in lies from the very beginning, realising his life is not what he thought it would have turned out to be; mostly that he has a nanny and his children are spoilt and don’t recognise the outer world, so he decides he wants them to have a childhood like he had. Kurt, the house-husband, stays home cooking and cleaning, so feels underappreciated. Then, there’s the guy who everyone takes the mick out of, Rob Hilliard, who likes much older women, therefore an easy target for the other guys. Finally Marcus Higgins, the single guy, the one who hasn’t yet grown up. So lots of different characters to appreciate and all of them hilarious in their own way. I can’t even express how great of a comedy this film is, and personally it all goes down to the actors comments in my opinion.

Grown Ups - Eric

The guys’ friendship is bonded by memories and insults to each other. By playing games such as arrow roulette, board games, rope swings, skimming rocks and of course more basketball. The film portrays the differences between children nowadays with technology and children when these adults were younger of playing outside. There is also a scene at a water park which gives a nice change of scenery to the film. There are rivalry, snarky comments back and forth with Kurt and his mother-in-law. There is also the fake definition that ‘wasted’ means having a craving for ice cream. All together the actors have a great bond, and there are many elements in order to make it funny.

Grown Ups - gang

So if you’re looking for a hilarious film with great actors, then this one is a good shout. I would definitely recommend it. Besides… Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider!


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