You Again (2010)

This comedy romance is a brilliant film to lose sense of your own world for a while and fall into the world of Marni’s and her life she didn’t expect of her brother’s wedding. Kristen Bell (voice of Anna in ‘Frozen’) is brilliant as Marni, she plays the upset and raged sister when her world is thrown upside down as she discovers her brother, Will (James Wolk), is marrying her arch nemesis, ie. the girl who single-handedly ruined her childhood and bullied her throughout high school, Joanna (Odette Annable). Ploottt Twiiist. Not really, that’s just the plot…

This film is filled with hilarious moments, feeling sorry for Marni in awkward situations as the weekend turns into a sequel of a horror story in her own words. Marni goes back to her home town, Ridgefield, travelling back to her high school ways. A weekend of hell for her, she finds it difficult dealing with her new-found sister especially when it seems she’s changed into such a better person now. And things change up again when Joanna’s Aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver) turns up – the one and only ex best friend of Marni’s mother, Gail (played amazingly (of course) by Jamie Lee Curtis – flashback to ‘Freaky Friday’). This film is filled with hilarious moments for the audience to see mostly from Marni’s point of view, her hurt past coming into light. But also Gail’s confusion over the friendship break up with Ramona. This film should be appreciated, it is brilliant, there are some seriously cringe-worthy moments however, especially the ‘Toxic’ competitive dancing. But then again, it’s done well enough where you don’t want to look away but laugh instead.


Throw in Joanna’s crazy ex Tim (Kyle Bornheimer); a very over the top wedding planner Georgia (played by the brilliant Kristin Chenoweth); a younger brother (I think he’s a younger brother, I’m not actually sure) Ben (William Brent); hilarious Grandma Bunny (played excellently by Betty White – also the Grandma in ‘The Proposal’); and of course the best friend of Will and the high school crush of Marni’s, Charlie (Sean Wing). This just adds to the brilliance of this film, and makes it that much enjoyable. Grandma Bunny needs extra mention, she is so funny, just in her occasional moments are memorable and great. Plus there are some very recognisable actors, one such as Dwayne Johnson perhaps… even only for like two minutes.

One of the best things is that Marni is such a loveable character for the audience. She creates many heart-felt moments for the audience, we feel saddened at her high school life but we feel happy at where she has achieved and got to now. Everything she does, we see from her point of view. Do remember this film is a PG, and not a 12 or above, so it is quite moralistic in many ways, especially when looking at bullying in school and giving people second chances. There are moments of obvious comedy, moments of happy cute couples, moments of laughter again, then sad, then happy again. This film is very clever in how it controls the audience.


So if you think this sounds like a film you would enjoy, I would highly recommend it. It’s a great film to escape into for an hour or so. So go and see how this family’s life turns out, it’s only one wedding, how bad can things actually get?


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