Boyz N The Hood (1991)

‘Boyz N The Hood’ is a film based around a Los Angeles community, where to say the least has a lot of crime. If you’re looking for any easy watch, this is not the one. This film has violence, non-stop sirens, guns, alcohol, and to say it swears would be a large understatement. But what this film does is focus on many social problems, including race, friendship, relationships and growing up.

‘Boyz N The Hood’ focusses round one group of friends, most in particular three young adults. Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr), Ricky (Morris Chestnut) and Darren ‘Doughboy’ (Ice Cube). All these characters couldn’t be more different. We see a lot about Tre, a young boy who is sent by his mother (Angela Bassett) to live with his father (Laurence Fishburne) to learn what it is to be a man. The father then raises him, to have morals such as independence, responsibility, thought behind actions and to not be influenced by the community around him, to avoid what happens to a lot of the other people in the neighbourhood; either being shot, in jail, or teenage pregnancy. The father, Furious, is really a character to appreciate in this film; despite everything you know what he says is heart-felt and for the right reasons. Now moving on to the next of the three, someone a bit like Tre but has fallen in one of the categories Furious steers his son away from, teenage pregnancy. At the age of seventeen, Ricky has a son, however this does not stop him from dreaming big and hoping to get the results he wishes in life, actually makes him work harder for it. A very lovable character, especially by his mother, whereas his brother, his mother doesn’t appreciate as much. This is Darren, or what others call him, Doughboy. Doughboy from the age of ten is arrested for the first time, and continuously from then he is in and out of jail. Although, there is so much more to his character, which makes him so much more interesting even if he makes the wrong decisions. So like I said a variety of characters there.


I love how this film is structured. The first chunk of the film is actually based around the group of friends at the age of ten. We experience how they are when they are young, then the film jumps seven years ahead and we can tell how much has changed or what routes they have taken. I feel like this is definitely needed in the film as it gives a background story to all the characters which helps the audience appreciate them all in their own way.

I really enjoyed this film (as a crime film obviously) as it is cleverly done, however you have to be in the right mind-set. There isn’t any feel-good moments really, nor any comedy of course; but rather tense and a sense that something bad is going to happen. It definitely pulls on heart-strings as you like characters, but things don’t turn out the right way. It’s a very moralistic film to say the least. So I would recommend watching ‘Boyz N The Hood’. Go ahead and experience the life of Tre, Ricky and Doughboy for an excellent crime film.


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