The Ugly Truth (2009)

Looking for a romcom full of sexual innuendos and hilarious awkward moments? ‘The Ugly Truth’ qualifies significantly for both these areas.

Two opposite characters. Yet two the audience both love. And when I say opposite, I mean parallel. Firstly, Abby, played by no other but Katherine Heigl. A woman of a lot of romcoms, films such as one of my favourite films ever, ‘27 Dresses’, or even ‘Life As We Know It’. I know she’s in a lot of other things, but just two of my favourite romcoms that she stars in there. Abby is a producer of her own show, to say the least a control freak, always wanting things the way she wants, while desperately trying to find her perfect boyfriend, although not had much luck in the past. When her boss tells her she’s struggling at her ratings, one solution is made no matter how much Abby opposes it. This is to bring in Mike Chadway, a man loved by a hell of a lot of people, known for his brutal, even if slightly (I underestimate here) rude comments and opinions on relationships. Played amazingly well by Gerard Butler, a brilliant actor anyway. Sexual innuendo after sexual innuendo, he does it well to add to the humour of the film without making it uncomfortable, over-the-top or forced. He is the best comedic element of the film and of course should be appreciated.

The Ugly Truth

So a woman that wants to find love and a man who only believes in lust and seduction, of course leads to conflict but a deal. If Mike can get Abby the perfect man, then Abby will be nice to him on her show. Simple as? Or is it? Just a simple romance comedy plot line. However, obviously a great one!

An understandable age limit, this is a film of ages above 15, just because of the many, oh so many, references to sex, and swearing… Although, I have to say, there are many films that are alike to this, however ‘The Ugly Truth’ has to be one of the best films that does it well to actually make it humorous. It cleverly combines brutal opinions, with cute moments for the audience to route for, mixed with awkward situations you’d never wish upon yourself, within all this snarky comebacks that will get the audience laughing. Of course there are many other characters to appreciate, there’s obviously the love interest, Colin (Eric Winter); personal assistant and best friend to Abby, Joy (Bree Turner); the husband and wife news anchors, Larry (John Michael Higgins – ‘Pitch Perfect’) and Georgia (Cheryl Hines). All other characters that add to the humour of the film, and make it that much better.


If you’re looking for a new romcom and haven’t seen this one that I would definitely recommend it. It is a film full of comical moments and a feel-good movie. It’s a brilliant romance comedy, for the older ages, but nevertheless one to not be forgotten in a hurry. Everyone knows some comical rivalry always goes down well anyway.


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