The Incredibles (2004)

‘The Incredibles’ is a brilliant classic animation that should be in everyone’s childhood. Well that’s my opinion anyway, and it’s my review so I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen this film to watch right away.

“Every superhero has a secret identity”. This is something we become to know extremely well in this film, it is the basis of ‘The Incredibles’. When the world no longer wants superheroes, they are forced to live among everyone else. I love how this is done at the beginning of the film, through newspaper clippings, sketches in court – it will become clear if you watch it… The beginning throwing you straight into that action element of the film, and delving into the love of Mr Incredible being a superhero. Then it jumps 15 years ahead and begins the main story line, the Parr family trying to live a normal suburban life.


Introducing the characters then. As I’ve already mentioned the film is based around the Parr family. The man of the family, a man of incredible strength, Mr Incredible or Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson). Next, the wife, a woman of extreme flexibility, Elastigirl/Helen (Holly Hunter). And their three children. Invisibility and force fields are the powers of the eldest child, Violet (Sarah Vowell). The middle child, Dash (Spencer Fox), is like his name says, very speedy to say the least. Then finally, the youngest Jack-Jack, who’s “not even toilet trained”. And of course, there has to be a villain! This is Syndrome (Jason Lee). Syndrome, a non-super wanna-be superhero, if that makes any sense… The film is built up and built up to the ultimate plan of Syndrome’s, which finally hits at the end in a burst of more action and the urge of the Incredible family to save the world.

This film has a mixture of romance, comedy, adventure and a lot of action. Then throw in some enjoyable and brilliant animation. What more could you want? As Bob reminisces the old glory days of using his powers and saving people, it leads to him lying to his family. This eventually leads to a family adventure, one involving a lot of action. As Helen angrily goes to save Bob, their two eldest children become tied up into the action, which forces them to finally come to grips with their superpowers. Dash, a child in love with his powers but unable to show who he is, finally is able to run and run fast; his scene of running on the island is such an enjoyable part of the film for the audience, with edging close calls as he is chased by those who want him killed, the audience is wrapped up in Dash’s love for running and him discovering his new limits to his powers. The romance between husband and wife, Bob and Helen – despite the lying – is cute in its own way too.


I have to mention, watching this film as an older audience – not saying I didn’t enjoy it, quite the opposite, this is a brilliant film. But the film is very clever in how it covers other issues in life, especially family issues. A young girl struggling with her confidence. A young boy unable to express himself, just wanting to compete. A man who just wants to be accepted in society again and appreciated for saving people which he loves to do. And finally, a woman trapped in lies told by her husband. I love how all this could potentially delve into realities of the audience even if it is a film about superheroes. This makes it a family film for everyone to enjoy.

‘The Incredibles’ ends on a cliff-hanger, begging for a second film. Which I believe is a want for many people, including me. So I thought what is best is to do a film review on this classic animation that should be remembered and appreciated by everyone. Just in case those who haven’t watched it can, seeing as it is such a great film, and be ready for ‘The Incredibles 2’. Yes, in preparation for the next Incredibles movie, said to be released in 2018. 14 years after this classic first one. I will definitely be racing to see this next one. Just hope it is up to standards of this brilliant one. So go and watch the adventures of the Parr family because you won’t be disappointed in this animation.


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