Love Actually (2003)

I have to admit this is probably one of my favourite Christmas films, and I know many would agree with me. But firstly, I have to mention, this is a Christmas film for older ages, as there are many references to sex and a lot of swearing. Anyway as you could probably tell, this is a film of more of a Christmassy romantic comedy type based around a big selection of people.

One of the best things about ‘Love Actually’ is that it contains so many well-known actors and actresses, I would be very surprised if there was one person who didn’t recognise anyone. And of course, they are all brilliant actors. Most of them are British actors I have to say, but there is an essence of patriotic feeling of Britain in this film, which is great. Actors and actresses with the likes of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth (just like in ‘Bridget Jones’), Liam Neeson in a different film from action or adventure (for example ‘Taken’), Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman (all make an appearance in ‘Harry Potter’), Andrew Lincoln (‘The Walking Dead’), Keira Knightley (‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’), Martin Freeman (‘The Hobbit’); and so many more, but I think I should stop there… Wait, even appearances of Ant and Dec, and of course we’ve got to have Rowan Atkinson in a brilliant British film!


As you can tell with the amount of actors in this film, there are many different plots of the film. This might sound like it gets confusing, but I promise you it doesn’t at all. The audience becomes, either invested in all the characters, or love certain ones, but they are all great in connecting to the narrative story arc of love. All the characters interlink in some way or another, and it’s something the audience loves to see, well I do anyway. I can’t say every plot of this film, there are way too many, but just in case you haven’t seen this film, a flavour of some of the plots are here. Each plot line has a different type of love. There’s the loss of a love, when the film introduces a character who’s lost his wife, but the film also introduces a new love to contradict the funeral there is a wedding. The Prime Minister falls in love unable to deal with it. A young boy tries to chase his one true love. There’s a break-down of a marriage at the hands of a younger woman; and also there’s unrequited love as he struggles to be around her, projecting hate to replace his love. There’s a couple meeting and starting a relationship, and there’s a man desperate for love. So as you can tell the film is full of love and romance around the holiday season. But don’t worry, there’s also the pop star to possibly win Christmas number one, with his hatred of all things love and his single in particular, which contrasts to everything else brilliantly.


‘Love Actually’ has a full circle feeling. The film begins with Hugh Grant off-screen narrating, introducing the love that can be seen in Heathrow Airport. The film then ends on the characters that we now know and love at the same Airport joining their loved ones. This gives an excellent full circle feel of the film as the audience knows the film is coming to an end. Another great thing about ‘Love Actually’ is that it is brilliantly done to be a comedy as well. Amongst all the love of the film, there are many comical moments. Of course, Rowan Atkinson is a comical, yet slightly serious, character of the film. But Hugh Grant is one of my favourite characters in this film, never failing to make me laugh in his dance sequence (you’d understand if you’ve seen it).


A film I watch every Christmas, personally, this film is my favourite Christmas film. I love the countdown to Christmas to bring in the Christmas spirit and bring in the holiday season. It’s a romcom for sure, so people who hate romcoms might hate this Christmas film, that is understandable, however I promise you it is a different romantic comedy to many others due to the fact that it is revolving around so many characters. So I would advise you to watch this Christmas film to witness that “love is actually all around”.


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