How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Merry Christmas and we cannot forget one of the best Christmas films out there. ‘The Grinch’! Personally, this is one of the films to watch every Christmas to appreciate and love. Spreading Christmas cheer and the moral that Christmas is not all about the presents but time to spend with family and friends. Of course, there needs to be a cute sentimental message to this Christmas film!

The Grinch is played by the brilliant Jim Carrey and without him this film wouldn’t be nearly as good. He executes the humour excellently and makes the film that much better. We know he is a brilliant actor anyway, one of my favourites being Count Olaf in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, but there are so many more. His over-exaggerated emotions and executed humour works amazingly well in this film to portray this poor Grinch who was laughed at and mocked in school so turns to hatred of everything Christmassy. Once he leaves WhoVille, he spends the rest of his life living alone with his dog Max, trying to tune out anything when it comes to cheer and Christmas. Until… Until one curious little girl, Cindy Lou (played by Jenny Humphrey from ‘Gossip Girl’, Taylor Momsen), hates the fact he is on his own on a day such as Christmas. She ignores his attempts to scare her and desperately tries to get him to return to WhoVille and celebrate with all the other Whos. That’s if he can find something to wear…


Meanwhile, down in WhoVille Christmas is the most celebrated holiday of the year. Every single Who screams joy and cheer around his festive season. As Christmas trees are decorated, lights are thrown on houses, songs are sung and presents are wrapped. The audience could not witness a more Christmassy-filled film. We also get to know some more characters, such as the Mayor Augustus (Jeffrey Tambor), Martha May (Christine Baranski – Tanya from ‘Mamma Mia!’), Cindy’s parents Lou (Bill Irwin) and Betty (Molly Shannon), and many more. Characters we can appreciate as part of the film, perhaps maybe one to dislike. But everyone is played great to join in with this Christmas film.

As said before, the film is funny, The Grinch is a loveable character even if he is perceived as the bad guy. We delve into his past and learn his true ways, something to get the audience understanding who he is, a very clever idea for a kind of anti-hero protagonist. I would have to say this is a Christmas film not like any other, one executed well, and one where The Grinch steals Christmas, but Christmas be destroyed. With a great ending, the audience are filled with a Christmas mood and a happy feeling.


This film is a fun Christmas film for the whole family to love. Jim Carrey should, of course, be appreciated. ‘The Grinch’ is based upon Dr Seuss’ book, the writer of the likes of ‘The Cat in the Hat’, ‘The Lorax’ and many others; all brilliant books for children. This is a classic Christmas film that should be watched every Christmas to get into that holiday festive mood.


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