The Deja Vuers (2016)

Everybody must have experienced déjà vu at some point in their lives. I know I have and it’s a weird sensation. This short film delves into a déjà vu experience of a man named Chuck (Kris Salvi) and throws the audience into this weird sensation we know so well. However, the odd essence in this film is that perhaps Chuck’s déjà vu is one connected to others, strangely grabbing in the audience wanting to know what is going to happen as things are so unpredictable.

This unpredictable short film only lasts around eight minutes, however so much is packed into that short time. The film starts as very inviting for the audience. I really love the beginning of the vast landscape of colourful trees, then focussing on a park bench in which the plot begins. The beginning tells the audience that this film is going to be light-hearted comical, just a short film to enjoy.

Chuck approaches a woman on a bench having recognised her from a dream. But there’s one thing that differs from all, when she says her name is Morgan (Christie Devine), Chuck is thrown as she was called Lulu in his dream. This is where their paths change in ways they wouldn’t have before if Chuck had just walked by. New windows open, or perhaps portals, that transfer the two lives on different courses following their déjà vu feelings. Ever wondered where déjà vu might take you? Watch this film to find out the possibilities. As random as they are.

‘Deja Vuers’ is a brilliantly random film that incorporates déjà vu in a comical and bizarre way to enjoy. It even ends in a small sneaky sketch after the credits, which is a form in movies so many love. Just an added section to add to the humour once again. The music is clever in certain sections, but no music during when Chuck is speaking expressing his déjà vu experience. Again repeating this weird sensation for the audience to feel as well.

This short film is brilliant in creating an oddly satisfying déjà vu moment which links into so many other moments the audience would never guess are coming.


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