What’s Your Number? (2011)

When Ally realises her number of how many guys she’s slept with is pretty high, she starts to have a minor breakdown. An article in a magazine says those above 20 will never get married. Only problem Ally is already at 20… So what does Ally do? Only goes and tracks down all her ex’s, hoping one of them might have changed and has become her perfect husband.

‘What’s Your Number?’ really does have some great people in it, and it’s a proper chickflick (for older ages due to the swearing and sex references), and a great feel-good romcom movie. Ally is played by Anna Faris, she’s perfect in playing the ditzy or clumsy ‘blondes’, such as in ‘House Bunny’ or the Scary Movie films. But of course, she can’t search for all her ex’s on her own. In comes Colin! Played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans, again perfect in this role would be an understatement. Colin helps Ally in finding her past relationships. The best thing, is that these two characters complement each other so well, it is loved by the audience as they joke and push each other to do better in life.


Meanwhile, during all this Ally’s sister, Daisy (Ari Graynor), is getting married. So we witness hilarious moments from a judgemental mother (Blythe Danner) and tensions between mother and father (Ed Begley Jr.). Of course, if there’s a wedding there has to be bridesmaids, and these close friends are also wrapped up in Ally’s mission to hunt her ex’s down. There’s Eileen, played by Heather Burns from ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’; Sheila (Jane from ‘Happy Endings’ or Denise from ‘Scrubs’ – Eliza Coupe), Katie (Kate Simses) and Jamie (Tika Sumpter). They all add to the humour in their own way, but personally no one beats Anna Faris in the comedy, or perhaps just the reoccurrence of Disgusting Donald is funny enough – played by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Peter Quill, Chris Pratt.


Surprisingly, they find many more ex’s than you would suspect. We witness clever little flashbacks of who they are and when they were with Ally in hilarious circumstances. Jumping back to now we recognise a difference, or perhaps not one at all. All of the guys are so different, they all bring their humour to the film. They’re so different, it’s definite to say that Ally does not have a type… Ally is brilliant in all these meet ups and she definitely brings the humour to the film.


‘What’s Your Number?’ has many characters to appreciate and find hilarious, obviously the brunt of it going to the main protagonist. It’s definitely one of those easy watching, feel-good movies, and I would definitely recommend if you think this would be a film for you. I love it, it’s enjoyable and adorable. But I guess you either think Anna Faris is hilarious or not so much. But still Chris Evans, not as a saving-the-world hero this time however. And hey, there’s even some pretty recognisable ex’s, such as Jake Peralta from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, and Martin Freeman!


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