Me Before You (2016)

This beautiful film really should be one to remember. It truly is a stunning, yet heart-wrenching film, getting the audience in a state of thought, then thrown into utter balling your eyes out moments. An emotional, heart-breaking, life realising film.

Now I know there’s many films that have you balling your eyes out, or questioning everything at the end. A film that springs to mind when I think of balling your eyes out, is definitely ‘One Day’, and of course ‘Titanic’! I could literally name so many. However, I felt this film brought something different to these ones. Yes, they all are beautiful dramas, but this one had so much meaning behind it. I was warped into the drama, feeling all the emotions of the film, until that one breaking point. But even throughout this, I would definitely watch it again.


When bubbly, bright Lou Clark (played brilliantly by Emilia Clarke – probably most recognisable from ‘Game of Thrones’) tries to find a new job, she finds herself in a situation she would never imagine. Looking after a young man, who in the past two years was paralyzed, unable to walk, unable to do a lot of things. This young man is Will Traynor, played amazingly well by Sam Claflin – recognisable from many films such as, (always the first to jump into my mind) ‘Love, Rosie’, the fourth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, or even Finnick from ‘The Hunger Games’, to say the least he’s an up-coming actor, becoming much more well-known and understandably, just shown in how brilliantly he played this character in ‘Me Before You’. There’s also some other recognisable characters, such as the iconic Charles Dance, the one and only Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis), and even a glimpse of Joanna Lumley. A brilliant cast for a brilliant film.

The stars of the show are definitely Lou and Will. One of the best things I liked is the contrasts this films creates. Lou with her crazy outfits, the “chatty” and “insane” personality, alongside Will’s life, one a bit bleaker, yet his witty comments and sarcasm brings a little light, and Lou brings the brightness and “exotic tastes” to change Will. Among the seriousness of this drama, there are moments of adorable happiness, or even moments of hilarity, giggling at the quick wittiness of both of them. ‘Me Before You’ really is a film where you feel all the emotions, all wrapped up into just under two hours.


I don’t want to ruin anything in the film, but I would definitely recommend if this sounds like a film you would appreciate. The audience are asked to reflect upon themselves, and the film delivers this so powerfully. The film is heart-breaking, a proper tear-jerker, but beautiful and comical in the right places. The audience are taken on a journey of paralyzed man’s life which most would probably have never known. Obviously from the book of the same name, written by Jojo Moyes, I would hazard a guess that the jump to screen is a one that shouldn’t be underappreciated, and I will definitely be reading the book after watching the film, because I am a believer that the books are better than the films, and the brilliance of this film must make the book exceptional.


3 thoughts on “Me Before You (2016)

  1. Making a Cinephile says:

    I’ve got to see this. My mom is a big fan of the book and movie and she keeps recommending it. This review definitely has convinced me to give it a try.

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