Love, Rosie (2014)

One of my favourite films, emotional, beautiful, brilliantly done. One, I have to admit, that is quite similar to ‘One Day’, a film between two best friends, and their rollercoaster lives through life. There constant missing of each other, chasing each other at the wrong times, the audience just left waiting and waiting, hoping and hoping. But life’s many obstacles just keep getting in the way. Obviously there are differences with ‘One Day’ and ‘Love, Rosie’, the main one being the film isn’t just set on one day, and of course the many character and plot differences, but if you liked ‘One Day’ I would hazard a guess you would enjoy this one as well.


‘Love, Rosie’ is based around the lives of Rosie (shock there) and Alex, played by Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. Both characters played brilliantly and truly create so much emotion in the film. I’m going to be completely honest, the first time I watched this, I cried, it’s an emotional film ok? It really does pull on your heart-strings. The film feels very realistic, a real representation, alike to ‘One Day’ in that way too. There are moments of happiness, get the audience hearts warmed, moments of shock, moments of heart-wrenching feelings, also comedy, some surprising and hilarious things do happen. One thing I should probably mention, it is a 15, for understandable reasons. But throughout the film, it is constantly pushing the audience in hope they might be able to eventually get to each other; that throughout everything that has happened, things will work about between the two. From Alex moving to America, from Rosie’s unexpected pregnancy, things do take some dramatic turns, but we are warped in their lives, through the ups and downs.


The film cleverly begins in the middle of the story, making the audience think a certain thing, but you have to watch it all to find out. We are thrown back years, to the beginning, Rosie’s 18th birthday, then we bounce slowly back up to the present, making sure we understand everything in both lives, then continue to watch from there. At times there is also a narrator, this is Rosie, giving the audience an insight into her thoughts, as significantly she seems to be driving the narration more than Alex. Additionally, I love the music in this film, it is brilliant, it reflects the moods of the film so well, it really does add to the whole essence of the movie.


Overall, I just love this film. It’s a great film to escape into for a few hours. It is brilliantly created and acted so well, which just means it’s a beautiful film. I would definitely recommend falling into the complicated lives of these two best friends, as life’s twists and turns occurs as they have to grow up, when careers change lives, when dreams have to be put on hold for unexpected happenings… The film throws the audience in comedy, romance and drama. It is done well that even though you’re skipping years you don’t find yourself trying to uncover what has happened, nor getting lost. The film is just one of those feel-good, yet occasional tear-jerkers. If you think this is a film for you, I would recommend 100%, besides Rosie and Alex are played brilliantly as they carry the film, and we grow to love multiple characters in their lives. Aren’t you a little curious what happens in their lives anyway?


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