Trainwreck (2015)

So personally this was a film not for me. I was quite deflated by the end, didn’t feel the essence of comedy and was quite confusing at times. Ok so maybe it’s meant to be a bit structurally confusing where everything is thrown everywhere at once, the film is called ‘Trainwreck’, maybe? For me, it didn’t work. The structure was so bizarre it felt like a film that didn’t have any flow, just a mish-mash of everything, but then again, that’s life right?


Starred and written by Amy Schumer, she plays the main protagonist Amy (why not?). To be honest, I managed to guess the whole pattern of the start of the movie just from the trailer. A father telling his two daughters that love and marriage isn’t real, then jumps how many years ahead to the present, we follow Amy’s life for a while, strongly getting the message she sleeps with a lot of men, and one night stands at that, we also get her job and her family life – however, I didn’t realise the route of the family life from the trailer, that was a nice change of the significance of it, I do have to admit. Then the man is introduced, the man who changes everything, obviously. This is Aaron (Bill Hader). Sounds like a normal plot to any romance comedy right? Well I have to say the trailer looked better than the actual film. From then on the flow was completely confusing, jumping around I have no idea how much time. The idea of a narrator of Amy talking to the audience was supposed to clear things up, but she wasn’t there that much, she was needed more in the film to understand where we were.

The relationship, umm, well I wasn’t invested at all. I didn’t really understand Amy as a character, I couldn’t read what she was feeling, therefore I couldn’t connect with the film. This is obviously a major problem in any film. I couldn’t find many characters that I actually liked that much to be honest. The film was also a bit contradictory as well, it went back on itself, again back to the point that it was occasionally confusing. I didn’t understand the relationship between the two and I didn’t ever really know where they stood, it jumps around and I felt things weren’t built up properly. It was a relationship in which I didn’t care where they stood at the end of the film.


This is definitely a film of older ages, there are many over the top sexual references, swearing, bums and sex scenes. A 15 for a good reason to say the least. These sexual references though are supposed to be the comedy of the film, for me it felt a bit forced and didn’t work right. But then again, I guess many would disagree when looking at the 85% from Rotten Tomatoes…

So if you hadn’t gathered, I wasn’t a fan. I guess there were parts of the film that I did enjoy, an occasional giggle, nothing I would say I would watch again. So no I wouldn’t recommend this film. But then I guess you have to have the right humour for this film and by the looks of it I clearly don’t. But if you think this would be a film for you, sure why not give it a go. Not that I’ve really sold it or anything however…

“From the guy who brought you Bridesmaids”. ‘Bridesmaids’ is so much better, that’s a film I love!


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