Passengers (2016)

Well Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, recognisable actors, which is a high advertising sell point, and one of the reasons I wanted to see this film. Another? Just looks different. It’s not the same-ish things coming out at the minute, it’s completely different. Throw in a bit of romance, bit sci-fi, some tense moments, some emotional moments, occasional bit of wit; ultimately a very different drama from many I’ve seen before. And that personally is great for me. Something different, something new, how would you know if you would like it or not?

So if you’ve watched the trailer you would know that it’s about two people that wake up on Starship Avalon 90 years too soon. They were supposed to stay in their hibernation pod asleep for 120 years, while the Avalon travelled from earth to a completely different planet named Homestead II. These two that wake up too early are, mechanic Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and writer/journalist, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). Both recognisable actors, like I’ve already said. Chris Pratt from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and others; Jennifer Lawrence from ‘Hunger Games’ films, also in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘American Hustle’, ‘House at the End of the Street’, literally so many, understandable because she’s great! They both are great actors and play these characters brilliantly well, which adds to the effect of the film and make it that much better. There is also Michael Sheen in the film, who plays the bartender Android robot, again played amazingly, needed as he is a robot! As you can probably guess, there isn’t many other characters to take notice of; besides, they’re on a ship and everyone else is still asleep…

Chris Pratt; Jennifer Lawrence

Anyway, as regards for the trailer. You think the film is going to go one way, clearly and purposely done to think this way, however, this is not the truth of the film itself. And as I say time and time again, I am not a reviewer to spoil films, so if you want to uncover the truth of the film, then you’ll have to watch it, even in a midst of frustration that you were so far misled. I have to admit, I hate a trailer that shows all the best parts of a movie, or tells you everything that’s going to happen. Even though this trailer is quite open in what will happen, there is so much else not said. So many underlining questions for the audience to ask, even in the end, not all questions are answered, yet it is a satisfying closed end; without sounding like a complete contradiction there. A trailer you think you know everything, but that changes in the film.


I have to admit, there are parts of the film that feel a bit blocky; felt like editing was quite sharp and skipped a chunk. Although the film was mostly consisting over two years, so it’s kind of needed. Also, the trailer assumes that the tense chaotic part of the film is throughout it, whereas that’s mostly at the end. The beginning is more devised around the romance element of the film, then that passes and in comes the chaotic tense drama. Gravity disappears. There’s a power cut. The ship starts to increase in heat. Etc, etc, etc. Although, saying this there were hints throughout the film that things weren’t going right, well the audience knew more than the characters, so we know there’s something going wrong.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed the film. Ok, so there were some sections that were a bit slow, but by the time I knew it, I was intrigued, absorbed, I had to watch it all. I needed to know the ending. Because you couldn’t guess, well I couldn’t anyway, and I guessed the ending of ‘Now You See Me 2’, just saying… It is a beautiful film, with amazing visual effects to get yourself lost in space, a place we are so unfamiliar of. Yet we are warped into a romance of unlikely souls, a film with a lot of emotion, I won’t lie to you, I did nearly cry at one point… It was amazingly played, amazingly made, I would watch it again. It wasn’t perfect, but it was different to what we are so used to.


I hope I’ve made you a little intrigued to what was so different to the trailer anyway…


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