Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Well this is one of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen… Things started hopeful with some enjoyable songs (don’t get me wrong there are many enjoyable songs), but then it all escalated extremely quickly, and that’s when things started to get weird. Really weird. Like to the point where I don’t really understand where this idea came from. A sort of twist on aliens, but in a plant that likes to drink blood, and a film which is a mix of comedy, mick-taking out of horrors, and throw in that it is a musical too… Random.

First of all, I actually quite liked the musical aspect of the film. It sure is a different type of musical to any others I’ve seen before. Can’t quite see similarities to this and ‘Mamma Mia!’ or ‘Grease’, but I think that’s the point. Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned the songs in this film are ones quite groovy and catchy, especially the theme song, that’s one to get stuck in your head for a while… However, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Ellen Greene’s voice, it’s probably a voice of particular taste. I would definitely say the best voices and the best contributes to the musical element of the film were the three women, played by Tichina Arnold, Michelle Weeks and Tisha Campbell-Martin, even though they weren’t actually a part of the narrative, they were either background singers or the main singers. They definitely added to the musical. Although, overall the songs were enjoyable.

Little Shop of Horrors 2

So the film revolves mostly around four characters and the plant, Audrey II (Levi Stubbs). These four characters are, the main character, Seymour (Rick Moranis – ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’), Audrey (Ellen Greene), the boss of the Flower Shop, Mushnik (Vincent Gardenia) and Audrey’s abusive boyfriend, Orin (Steve Martin – ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, ‘The Pink Panther’). The plot does have a lot of different types of characters, but the film isn’t a serious one, so for it to have elements of men beating women seems a bit out of place. Throughout the film, the plant gains much more influence over Seymour as Audrey II demands for more food.

The comedy of the film is quite over-exaggerated, but that’s the humour, also quite silly, but there were moments I found quite humorous. But I can’t say I was laughing out loud or laughing throughout, but then again I don’t think you’re supposed to. For me, wasn’t that much of a funny film at all. Although, something to mention is that the film does swear and as the plant escalates and grows bigger the language does get stronger. Also something to remember that this is an old film, so the graphics of the film are nowhere near what we witness today, but this is of course expected. But try not let this affect the film, because of the time, the effects would have been good.

Little Shop of Horrors 1

Overall, I can’t say I enjoyed the film to the extent I thought I would at the start. I was more baffled by the weirdness of it. The escalation really was out of control. But nevertheless, I watched the whole film, unable to stop watching, confused by what I was watching, maybe, but then again it wasn’t a film that bad to stop watching it. But if you’re looking for a different musical, one not like others, then I would recommend this one, not saying it’s amazing however.


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