Warm Bodies (2013)

Well ‘Warm Bodies’ is definitely a romcom. A cheesy, love is everything, romcom. However, there is a twist to the traditional romcom. I mean, the slight twist that it’s a zombie that falls in love with a human, rather than the traditional human and human… But it’s only that humans are trained to dehumanise and shoot corpses in the head, and the corpses, well, they need to eat humans to survive and apparently, according to R (the main zombie protagonist), the brain is the best part. But they still find love…

After a zombie apocalypse, dead people roam the city. Separated by a wall, the humans, alive people, live the other side, terrified by what’s on the other side of the wall and trained to kill them. Basically, dead corpse and human meet, in difficult circumstances, but the corpse, R (Nicholas Hoult), saves the human, Julie (Teresa Palmer), and falls in love with her. Such an unfortunate circumstance, especially as Julie is trying to shoot his head off. To make things more difficult, R chooses the daughter of the biggest hater of zombies and the leader into killing them all; played brilliantly, of course, by John Malkovich.

Warm Bodies Zombies

As the audience, we are more delved into the character R. This is predominantly because it is from his point of view. R is just one lonely dead corpse, yearning for human connection and to feel something again, he remembers nothing of his past life, but ties himself to any human thing he possibly can. There is a voice over narrative throughout the film, again this is from R. This is clever of the film as it explains his emotions and his life, especially as without the narration at the beginning the film would look rather odd, because the zombies can’t actually speak, so we would just watch zombies roaming around an old airport grunting occasionally; the narration is definitely needed to say the least. This also adds to the comedy of the film as R is a sarcastic character, who even takes the mick out of himself as if he was watching the film with us. This means we are more connected to R, and want him to get what he wants, even if he does go round eating people.

‘Warm Bodies’ is classed as a 12; there is the occasional swearing, and violent scenes, but between zombies and humans, so obviously, less realistic. There are also some jump scares, where bad zombies jump out and some scenes might be frightening for younger ages as they run away from human-eating zombies in dark abandoned warehouses. But I wouldn’t class it as a horror.

Warm Bodies

If you like a good old romcom then this is a good one to choose. I really enjoy watching this film, I think it’s clever, not boring, and in scenes where not much is happening, the narrative makes it more comical and fun to watch. The actors and actresses are played brilliantly, so you don’t watch the film annoyed at the acting and become more involved into the plot. There’s a cheesy cute moral of the story that love cures, and alike to most romcoms it has a cute, soppy ending; without trying to spoil anything. I would definitely recommend this film, especially if you enjoy the more mystical and unrealistic love situations, so not a human based film. So if you do, give ‘Warm Bodies’ a watch, and find yourself routing for the dead corpse to get his girl.


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