Criticsized (2016)

I have to admit, I really enjoyed this film. If you’re a fan of detective programmes, solving crimes, such as ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘CSI’ etc etc, then I think you would thoroughly enjoy this film. It has many similarities to TV programmes such as these, or perhaps I can see similarities way too easily when the TV programme I’m binge-watching at the minute is ‘Criminal Minds’…? I don’t know.

Anyway, what is ‘Criticsized’ even about? As you can probably guess, a crime. Well actually a serial killer, and to say the least the deaths are graphic and horrific. So this is a film for older ages most definitely, swearing, graphic deaths, this is a no go kids film. Also, this isn’t a film of a mystery, you know who the killer is and the police are quick to get a name. But that doesn’t make a difference to the film at all, the film is more of a chase, but there is still tension, suspense, it is done very well. The audience get warped into the film, wondering why he is doing this, whether he will succeed in killing his next victim, whether the police will catch him.

Criticsized 1

So the plot revolves around the detective on the case, Jack, played by Callum Blue – which I found is recognisable in ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’, took me a while to realise it was actually him though (Andrew, the guy Mia is set up with, if you’re wandering). The whole plot revolves around the character Jack, involving his personal life and his career, he is the one driving the plot. However, in some way, so is the killer. We jump from the police office to the killer’s point of view, something I’ve noticed that happens in ‘Criminal Minds’ a lot, but it is used cleverly to add to the suspense in whether the capture of the bad guy will take place and if it does, when and with how many deaths.

The reason behind the killer is one very unique and therefore becomes extremely intriguing, cleverly drawing you in trying to figure out the reason behind all the murders, the gruesome murders. This gives the audience a new interesting plot, and I found the ending superb, the realisation of the killer’s motives and then the ending altogether was, in my opinion, very clever. Had you thinking, which is a good ending for me. It is a film that fits in its genre well, with a different motive of a killer.

Criticsized 2

As you can probably tell I enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend if you think this is the sort of film for you. I was warped into the film, not really knowing what to expect, but with the ending and the whole summarising of the film, I would watch it again. Although there were parts of the film I was shouting at the screen wondering why he couldn’t catch him then, but it wasn’t meant to be… But yes, like I’ve said I surprisingly enjoyed it as a film of its genre; tension was built up well and you find yourself delving into Jack’s life and praying he will find where the killer is in time.


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