Final Girl (2015)

So when trying to find a different film to watch, a flatmate and I came across this one. I have to admit the trailer looked good, sold on watching this film, but then sadly it didn’t really work. Feel a bit deflated after watching it to be honest.

The whole concept of the film, the plot and storyline was original and sounded great, sadly execution wasn’t there. It could have worked and could have been great, but something just didn’t work about it. Firstly, here’s a quick plot line. Veronica (played by Abigail Breslin – ‘Scream Queens’, ‘New Year’s Eve’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, ‘Definitely, Maybe’, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ – she’s in a lot) is a trained, well we’re not entirely sure why or what for, but trained for some program to kill some murderers. From the beginning we find out she’s orphaned and incredibly smart, but other than that, her life is a mystery to all. Anyway, she’s sent on this mission to kill four males, Jameson (Alexander Ludwig – from ‘The Hunger Games’) the brains behind the murders, Shane (Cameron Bright – Alec from ‘Twilight’), Danny (Logan Huffman) and Nelson (Reece Thompson). These males like to take adolescent girls into the woods and hunt them down. So there’s the creepy murderers, the trained, almost assassin in a way, and a plot line ready to be picked and played out on screen. Yet it still didn’t work.

Final Girl 1

Ok, so the beginning was rather slow, the film went into the training in much more detail than expected. The whole trailer only really being the end of the film, so you end up waiting for something which happens very close to the end, and that it doesn’t happen in the speed or thrilling suspense as the trailer upholds. Additionally, the film was a bit heavy on the romance element for some reason, I understand why some parts where there, but overall it was too much and affected the thrilling edge, taking away action and replacing an element that was unnecessary. Also, what was with the lighting? This film is definitely a fan of the harsh lighting and sort of spotlight moments, it all made it a bit unreal and you’re never transported to another film world.

The film had more of a psychological edge to it that the trailer doesn’t perceive. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but when you’re waiting to discover the deepest darkest fears of these psychotic murderers and one turns out to be panda men, it becomes a bit comical. There was no character building, which meant reasons behind things didn’t make much sense. There were moments that would have been perfect in finding out these backstories, but sadly they never came.

Final Girl 2

Saying all this though, it’s definitely not the worst film I’ve ever seen. Abigail Breslin played her character well, very realistic and I did find myself routing for her when the plot finally kicked in. Also Alexander Ludwig played the creepy leader of the psychopaths well, his whole manner and personality was on point. The other three were also played well, they were all pretty creepy. Danny being very over the top but worked with his character. Shane needed more story too because I felt there was a lot to his character that just wasn’t portrayed enough. And Nelson held that uncomfortable silence and you just know he’s not the character to trust in a film. I just wished there was a bit more of a story to him. Additionally, like I’ve already said, the plot was great, it could have been amazing… Overall, I wouldn’t say I would watch it again, but not so awful!

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