The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

1947, Andy Dufresne comes to Shawshank Prison. While Red was serving 20 years of his life sentence. Yes, this is a prison film, I would be very surprised if you didn’t already know that as IMDb regards this film as number one, top film out there. It definitely is a classic high in memories of many. So if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should get onto it.

So Morgan Freeman plays Red, the con-man of the prison, the one who knows how to get things. Red is a brilliant character, we are delved so much into his character and personality, that the audience is invested in everything he says and does. Especially that he is the narrator of the film, telling us his story, but his story of Andy Dufresne. Andy’s harsh life in prison, but Andy wasn’t like everyone else in the prison – he declares he’s innocent. He was something different and that’s why this film is about him. Andy is played by Tim Robbins, extremely well. Everyone is played amazingly well, the story and characters are definitely top standard, but that’s of course expected, but at least it’s true as well.

Shawshank Redemption 2

Ok, so not a film for younger ages. There are some horrible scenes in this film, ok no there’s loads. But it’s supposed to be a hard-hitting drama of the lives of those in prison. It’s also quite an emotional film, a film full of emotions, I will admit it makes me cry every time. But amongst the horror of what’s happening it makes the smaller happier parts in the movie so much more significant and rewarding for the audience. To say you feel all the emotions of this film would be an understatement, it is perfectly executed and emotions are not hidden.

A lot of time passes in this film, but what is great is that they do the passing of age so well. It is believable in every aspect. Because of this big timespan, the film is rather long, about two hours and twenty minutes. However, there isn’t a single boring moment. So much happens in this film, so much, and again it just adds to that emotion of the audience and the character building.

One of the top films out there according to IMDb and I can’t fault the film so I guess that could be true. Yes the film is harsh, it is not a happy warm film, there are moments of nasty hard happenings. But it’s all part of the drama that it is. I would recommend the film. It is a drama standing out from others.


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