Brave (2012)

‘Brave’ is a really good animation in my opinion, one very different to others, one where the main protagonist is at fault for what happens. However saying this, I do find that there are heart-breaking moments in this film. It is a kids film, although some parts might be considered scary for young children, I know my little brother used to find it a little bit too scary – however this is highlighted that it is a PG rather than a U.

Brave 2

Anyway, so if you haven’t heard of this beautiful animation I’ll give a little plot detail. So it’s based in Scotland in the days of tribes, actors and actresses with heavy Scottish accents. And the princess is the main protagonist, Merida (Kelly Macdonald – Evangeline from ‘Nanny McPhee’), a young girl wanting to pursue her own dreams, wanting to be her own person, therefore rebelling against her mother who demands for her to be a ‘proper’ princess. Things escalate when Queen Elinor (voiced by the brilliant Emma Thompson – in which I can’t even begin to list what she’s been in because it is just so many films!) decides Merida must choose someone to marry, out of the three eldest sons of the lords of other tribes – one lord being voiced by Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid!!), although his voice is disguised well. In a rage, Merida follows the wisps to a little cottage, a cottage in which the witch lives (voiced by Julie Walters – Mrs Weasley!). After handing her a spell to change her fate, which means changing her mother, using the spell turns her mother into a bear, not exactly what Merida intended but that’s how it goes. You’re not supposed to trust the witch, how many animations tell you that?!

Brave 1

The animation is full of comedy, but also some heart-breaking and heart-warming moments. You’ll understand if you’ve seen the film. The kids aspect of the film is the morals, the relationship between mother and daughter, a bond never to be broken. It’s a heart-warming film and of course has a beautiful end, which for some reason does bring a tear to my eye – don’t judge me, I know it’s a kids animation but it is moving! The heart-breaking moments is the dedication they put into the transformation of the mother, how she struggles to come to grips at what her daughter did. But don’t worry, there’s also comedy! The Queen as a bear is comical at times. The highlight comedy being the three little mischievous brothers of Merida, who to say the least love stealing food around the castle. Also, something to be adored is the love between King Fergus (Billy Connolly – again great) and Queen Elinor, even if the King is defined as the “bear king”.

Brave 3

Overall, I would definitely recommend this animation! It’s a brilliant film, actually differing in many ways to others. Plus as I’ve already stated the voices are of course amazing, so many recognisable. Obviously, the animation is done well and looks amazing as well! It’s a great family film, not just for children. But like I’ve already previously said, it can be a bit too scary for some younger ages. Regardless, it’s a funny and heart-warming film! I hope I’ve made you a little intrigued. An animation of many to learn lessons when the Queen is turned into a bear.


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