Thin Places (2016)

A short film that to say the least is really interesting. It’s not very long at all, only lasting just over ten minutes, however ten minutes that are so gripping for the audience, that you can’t stop watching. The audience are dragged in, absorbed, wanting to know what is happening, wanting to discover what the short film is actually about.

‘Thin Places’ does this in certain ways. These key parts to the film are extremely important. So straight away the main protagonist is talking to a camera, in what seems like an interview, but the audience doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or why he is there. Yet we have to listen, as we are taken to a visual impersonation of what he is saying. Therefore, the beginning of the film, the first couple of seconds bring you in straight away. Another thing is the graphic effects, the zooming in on faces, the blurred vision, the change in colour – it’s all very clever in creating a particular mood in the audience, everyone feels the same sitting watching it, still unsure to what is going to happen. Again, the music is key. It pierces the audience, making them think something creepy is going to happen, bringing a tension to the short film. All of this adds to the drawing in of the audience.

Thin Places

This isn’t a film of answers, yet a film of more questions. Some things are more understood, yet you’re left hanging in the end. It’s very clever in that sense. The audience are hooked in right away. It also helps that the quality is amazing, it is enjoyable to watch and the quality is appreciated in the film, with landscape and views within the plot.

Overall, it’s a very clever little short film. One to hook an audience in, and one to get the audience thinking right away, wanting to know what is happening, even if they never fully find out. I hope I’ve made you intrigued with this review, as I was intrigued while watching this film.


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