To Be Alone (2017)

This is definitely a short film where the audience don’t know much at all. This does make it intriguing. You want to watch in hope of finding out more, but nothing is ever fully explained. This is clever in drawing in the audience. One of the main reasons for this is that there isn’t much narration, only two voicemails in which are not from the main protagonist anyway. It is very clever in the way they do this, it makes the music that more important and the acting of Timothy J. Cox to portrays all emotions that are supposed to be shown, which is well executed.

The beginning of the film portrays a repetition in life, something so simple brings in a lot for the audience to understand what this character is feeling. Then as the film progresses, the music is piercing which creates a particular mood within the audience. From the audience not entirely sure what is happening, to knowing that we’re going to find out soon, brings in a lot of suspense and tension. We are intrigued into discovering more and wanting to uncover the secrets that this man is clearly hiding. Questions are not answered in this short film, as more is uncovered, more questions are in want of being answered, but we are never entirely fully known to what has happened to this depressed man. This is also further seen that the short film is left on a cliff-hanger, leaving an unsure feeling in the audience. Due to the type of film this is, I’m guessing this is what is intended, therefore clever in drawing the audience in.

To Be Alone

Overall, as you can tell the film is intriguing in wanting to discover what has happened and what will be happening afterwards, even if you are not told anything. This is not the happiest of short films, but it is clever in the way that is done to draw in the audience and create tension. The close-ups of the camera, the misleading views, are what we are witnessing the whole story?


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