Brother Bear (2003)

Disney Classic number 44, so yes it’s not one of the older classics, however that does not mean it is not a good one. This Disney Classic might be less known than the older ones, such as ‘Bambi’, or ‘Pinocchio’, or even ‘The Jungle Book’, and no it isn’t a Disney Princess film either. This is a review highlighting the greatest of ‘Brother Bear’ and emphasising that this film is a Classic Disney film, even if one that not as many have seen and that is where things should change as it is one to watch.

So if you know the plot of ‘Brave’, this is similar, but I have to say, ‘Brother Bear’ is the original animation of a person being turned into a bear! As much as I love ‘Brave’, it came out in 2012, ‘Brother Bear’ 2003. Although saying this, there is of course a different reason and altogether a different plot, just happens they’re both turned into bears, I guess that’s where the similarities end. Where the Queen in ‘Brave’ is turned because her daughter put a spell on her, Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix) is turned by the spirits to teach him a lesson of the importance of being a man. Straight away from the beginning, we notice what sort of person Kenai is, he glides through life in hope of becoming a strong, brave man, but when he is given his totem and it is the bear of love, he is repulsed as he didn’t get bravery or strength. The film moves on quickly escalating when a tragedy hits, and out of anger Kenai tries to avenge what has happened, unfortunately this isn’t the way to go, so he is turned into a bear by the spirits to learn a more important lesson of how love can influence life.

Brother Bear - Kenai and Koda

It’s along his journey we hit the comedy of the film, but also some emotional and heart-warming moments. Furthermore, a realisation in the film which is actually quite heart-breaking, and done so well to be emotional and hit the audience powerfully. There is a moral to the story but this is obvious for Disney films. This moral yes might not be so different from other films, but it is executed in a different way. There is love and there is family, amongst humans and bears.

Anyway, on this journey, there are some great characters that we meet. We can never forget the two characters that I always remember ever since I was little from when I first watched this film, the two moose. They stand out as the comedy of the film, still great to this day. Rutt (Rick Moranis – Dad in ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ and Seymour in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’) and Tuke (Dave Thomas). They are the memory of the film in my opinion, they truly are great and bring so much comedy, their stupidity, their jokiness, it’s all brilliant in the film. There are also two other characters, which aren’t in the film for long at all, but they bring dumb stupid humour as well. On his travels, Kenai meets a young cub separated from his mother, this is Koda (Jeremy Suarez), an adorable young cub who influences more of the moral of the story than anything else, but just a great main protagonist within the film.

Brother Bear - Rutt and Tuke

Don’t assume that because it’s a Disney Classic it is a musical, because this one isn’t. Although, saying this there is a soundtrack and it has one of my favourite Disney songs on it. The soundtrack done by the same as ‘Tarzan’, Phil Collins, in which he does do some pretty amazing Disney chill songs. In ‘Brother Bear’ this being ‘On My Way’, which is great in my opinion. Even though ‘Brother Bear’ isn’t a musical, it is clever in the way how the music is so influential in this film. The soundtrack is occasionally used in this film to portray the emotions of the characters without them saying anything, when we already know what is supposed to be said but instead the music takes over and we witness the facial expressions. It is very clever for the audience to witness. There is particularly one part where they do this and it is very powerful for the audience (bringing my little brother to tears, and probably many others).

So as you can probably tell, this is a positive review as I believe more should jump to knowing what this film is about and that it is a Classic Disney. I would definitely recommend it. It is also quite a short film, only 85 minutes and it flies through, with actually quite a lot being said. This is a great film and should not be ignored. Come and watch Kenai take his journey from boy to man.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Wow, what a bizarre, confusing, random, overdramatic film this one was… I’m lost for words at how random this film was, I just didn’t understand the whole film. To say there was much escalation would be an understatement, I’ve never seen a film with so much escalation in my life. It started odd anyway, but then by the end… I was confused how I even ended up with this ending.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Frank N Furter

So maybe due to the overdramatic emotions and acting, it’s supposed to be on stage and leave it on stage as a dramatic theatrical show. This would make sense, theatre is one of a kind and of course I’m a fan, but what is seen on theatre can never fully be developed to film, there has to be some adjustments, and I feel like this film was supposed to be on stage and that’s where it should be and stay. It was a theatre production first. There were occasional moments where the characters looked into the camera as well, especially the criminologist speaking to the audience, this makes the audience more personal, but also highlights the divide of the film screen – again suggesting it is probably best as a theatre show. Also, it is regarded as a parody of older sci-fi films, so this explains the overdramatic and almost forced acting, but to be honest, I struggled to find the comedy in this. Regardless, I have to admit Tim Curry does play his character well, he does execute every part of his complex character.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - all

I would try to explain the plot, but to be honest, I don’t really understand how I can. For starters, there is a newly-engaged couple, Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon); when their car breaks down in the pouring rain, they turn to the one place nearby. A big castle. But they didn’t know that those in the castle were going to strip them down and keep them there. Why not? Things just escalate from there, into random. I get the characters and I think I understand what the film was trying to do? No, I’m not sure. You meet all the new characters, fine fine, then suddenly there’s other things revealed, which in case of spoiling and I wish not to, I will just leave there, but these things are just so random and bizarre… Anyway, jumping from this story is a criminologist narrating, as he is in the future from what we are witnessing. I have to admit, this bit I actually did like, I liked that he was there to turn back to narrate other parts not entirely explained, or just add a bit of comedy in the ‘Time Warp’ song. That was done well.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Rocky

Ok, so this film is a musical. And I’m sorry to say, this didn’t even stand out. I wasn’t a fan of the singing, I wasn’t fan of many of the songs, some I couldn’t even hear the lyrics. The one song I enjoyed and was happy with a character who could actually sing was killed off – I’m not ruining it as you don’t know who that is. And then finally, there were just too many songs. They were clumped together too much, there wasn’t enough break between some songs.

As you can probably tell, I wasn’t a fan. If you didn’t get that drift, then I definitely was not a fan. It was just all to random and bizarre. Everything escalated into strange. Another thing I should mention that this is definitely not a film for younger ages, a bit too inappropriate. I didn’t understand the comedy and I didn’t like the songs. So for a comedy musical film, I would say no. Maybe that’s just me though, because apparently this is one of the musical classics… At least I can say I’ve seen it once, probably won’t be able to say I’ve seen it for a second time however.